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Composed for orchestra, Promenade was completed in April of 1945. It is exactly 3 minutes long. It was written in Arlington, Virginia while the composer was stationed at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C during World War II. Promenade was first performed at Boston Pops "Army Night" on May 28, 1945, with the composer conducting. It was first recorded on June 18, 1950 in mono analog sound by Arthur Fiedler conducting the Boston Pops. Promenade was first recorded by the composer on September 11, 1950, in analog mono sound. It was re-recorded in analog stereo sound by the composer on June 5, 1959.

Composer quote: "On the other hand, other compositions of mine started with a fragment of melody, as in "Serenata" or "Promenade." From the first notes the melodic line grew into a full melody with harmonic and rhythmic background, then other sections were added, and introduction and a coda were worked out to make a well-rounded compositions - - - and finally I added a title that seemed best to identify the music."

"Promenade" was written in 1945 while Mr. Anderson was still in the Army but was not published until last year. The repeated "walking theme", played first by a muted trumpet, is interrupted by a flowing middle section and is then resumed with the full orchestra to a broad finale."