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Germany (1738 - 1822)
Sir Frederick William Herschel was a German-born British astronomer and composer who became famous for discovering Uranus. He also discovered infrared radiation and made many other discoveries in astronomy.

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UH Manoa - October 8, 2009
Manoa, HAWAII — In 1609, Galileo Galilei, an Italian scientist, performed the first observation of the "stars" using a telescope. The Moon was covered with craters, the Milky Way was made of numerous stars, satellites circulated Jupiter, Venus waxed and waned.

The Oakland Tribune - October 8, 2009
Oakland, CALIFORNIA — It seems everyone, even at the busy White House in Washington, is getting into the spirit of this International Year of Astronomy. I want to lobby for more star parties at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!

Recreation of solar system's logistics opens students' eyes
The Daily Texan - October 8, 2009
Austin, TEXAS — To help celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, a human model of our solar system was displayed Wednesday on the Robert Lee Moore Hall plaza.

Los Angeles Times - October 8, 2009
Washington, DC — In a brief diversion from terrestrial concerns, President Obama turned his eyes to the cosmos Wednesday night as he hosted 150 middle-school students for an evening of stargazing and science at the White House.

Media Newswire - October 8, 2009
Midland, TEXAS — To celebrate its grand re-opening after renovations, the Marian Blakemore Planetarium at Midland’s Museum of the Southwest will host a series of events on Friday, October 9, featuring McDonald Observatory Director Dr. David L. Lambert. The events are free and open to the public.

The Camrose Canadian - October 8, 2009
Camrose AB, CANADA — As we enter the last few months of 2009 —the International Year of Astronomy, October offers a fabulous array of celestial views for those who look up while it is still dark in the morning.

White House aims middle schoolers eyes to stars
Associated Press - October 8, 2009
Washington, DC — Call it a star party with real star power.

Daily Herald-Tribune - October 8, 2009
Grande Prairie AB, CANADA — As Marc Garneau celebrates the 25th anniversary of his becoming the first Canadian in space this week, local students got some insider tips from the Canadian Space Agency.

Portsmouth Today - October 8, 2009
Portsmouth, UK — A rare chance to see moon rocks and meteorites will be on the programme when Hampshire Astronomical Group throws open its doors for the last time this year, the International Year of Astronomy.

On the South Lawn, A White House 'Star Party'
The Washington Post - October 8, 2009
Washington, DC — President Obama, having spent much of the day pondering Afghanistan, spent a few seconds Wednesday night looking through a telescope at a double-star system roughly one quadrillion miles away.

The Explorer - October 7, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — Kitt Peak invites the public to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy during a special "Meteor Mania" program on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Fox News - October 7, 2009
Washington, DC — The Obamas hosted an event of a different kind on Wednesday night at the White House as they welcomed dozens of local middle school students to Astronomy Night.

El Defensor Chieftan - October 7, 2009
Magdalena Ridge, NEW MEXICO — To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, the Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge have planned an out-of-this-world event.

The Gov Monitor - October 7, 2009
Washington, DC — The White House has announced that on Wednesday, after honoring 13 of the nation’s top innovators and inventors, President Obama will host an Astronomy Night on the White House South Lawn.

Space Daily - October 7, 2009
London, ENGLAND — Some of the UK's finest astronomers have taken a break from their star gazing to become stars themselves of an exciting new photography exhibition by acclaimed photographer Max Alexander.

Pekin Daily Times - October 6, 2009
Pekin, ILLINOIS — Astronaut and Pekin native Scott Altman will be featured in “Hubble’s Amazing Rescue,” an episode of “NOVA” scheduled to air Oct. 13 on PBS.

The GalileoMobile Starts Its South American Voyage:
SpaceRef - October 6, 2009
Antofagasta, CHILE — This week marks the beginning of the GalileoMobile Project, a two-month expedition to bring the wonder and excitement of astronomy to young people in Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

White House to Throw Star Party - October 6, 2009
Washington, DC — United States President Barack Obama will welcome skywatchers to the White House Wednesday for an evening of stargazing with the First Family.

Astro art lives long and prospers
Columbia Daily Spectator - October 5, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — Outer space has landed on Columbia.

Southtown Star - October 5, 2009
Homer Glen, ILLINOIS — Lovers of astronomy once again are invited to Homer Township.

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