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USA (1857 - 1923)
Best known for his discovery of Barnard's star in 1916, Edward Emerson Barnard was a gifted astronomer who grew up with little formal education. In 1876, he purchased his first telescope, a 5-inch refractor and discovered his first comet in 1881. In 1892, he discovered Amalthea, the fifth moon of Jupiter, making him the first to discover a new Jovian moon since Galileo in 1609. After joining Yerkes Observatory at the University of Chicago in 1895, Barnard spent great amounts of time photographing the Milky Way. Posthumously, his photographs were published in 1927 as A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way.

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A Worldwide Astronomy Marathon
SKy & Telescope - March 3, 2009
If you have a telescope, mark April 2–5, 2009, on your calendar. The world is coming your way.

EurekaAlert - March 3, 2009
Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS — The National Science Foundation (NSF) is proud to announce that 34-year-old David Charbonneau, currently the Thomas D. Cabot Associate Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, will receive its 2009 Alan T. Waterman Award.

Space rock makes close approach
BBC News - March 3, 2009
An asteroid which may be as big as a ten-storey building has passed close by the Earth, astronomers say.

Our Friendly Skies for March
The Herald-Mail - March 3, 2009
Hagerstown, MARYLAND — Venus has been our brightest planet most of the winter. As we approach spring, Venus dips into the evening twilight as the month passes.

Softpedia - March 2, 2009
Vienna, AUSTRIA — Progresses made in astronomy since the beginning of the Space Age are bound to change our world forever, astronomers say. But scouting the skies and sending missions to deep space is a highly-challenging task, and one that can easily be stopped by various interests. Because 2009 is UNESCO's International Year of Astronomy (IYA), a group of astronomers from the UK, the US, Europe and Asia have come together to write in the latest issue of the journal Physics World about the problems and potential solutions that lie ahead in our race to explore space.

San Jose Mercury News - March 2, 2009
Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA — Sandy Hart of Los Gatos participated in the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association's 31st annual show at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. The show is titled "The Universe of Quilts: Yours to Discover" and honors the International Year of Astronomy.

The Tribune - March 2, 2009
Humble, TEXAS — 2009 has been named the International Year of Astronomy by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO.

Colliding galaxies win Hubble vote
USA Today - March 2, 2009
Washington, DC — You voted for the stars, and got your wish -- Hubble space telescope astronomers will turn their gaze to a pair of colliding galaxies selected by public vote.

Public star count scheduled in March
Indiana University - March 2, 2009
Bloomington, INDIANA — A major goal of the International Year of Astronomy is to educate people about light pollution, and a good way to do that is through an event called the Globe at Night star count.

Year of astronomy | Hobbyists need dark areas to view sky
The Daily Gleaner - March 2, 2009
New Brunswick, CANADA — Help keep New Brunswick's night skies dark. That's the challenge being put out by local astronomers. They want to ensure New Brunswick parks that already draw plenty of stargazers because of their dark skies stay that way.

Daily Wildcat - March 2, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — While walking past Steward Observatory's white dome, many students may not know that it is one of the world's leading astronomical research centers. It also holds a partnership with The Vatican Observatory, which brought a very important visitor to Tucson.

EurekaAlert - March 2, 2009
London, ENGLAND — To mark UNESCO's International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009), six leading astronomers from the UK, the US, Europe and Asia write in March's Physics World about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing international astronomers over the next couple of decades.

Ashland astronaut to speak at UNL
Omaha World-Herald - March 2, 2009
Lincoln, NEBRASKA — Ashland native and NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson will speak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln about his time in space.

The Independent - March 2, 2009
London, ENGLAND — 'O Moon, when I gaze on your beautiful face, careering along through the boundaries of space... the thought has often come into my mind... if ever I shall see thy glorious behind'.

New NASA shots unveiled at Weber State
Standard-Examiner - March 1, 2009
Ogden, UTAH — New images released by NASA have found a home at the Weber State Ott Planetarium.

Associated Press - February 28, 2009
Lincoln, NEBRASKA — Ashland native and NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson will speak about his time in space next month at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. - February 27, 2009
Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA — Please join Morehead Planetarium and Science Center for Family Science Night this Saturday, Feb. 28, from 5 to 9 p.m. In celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, the theme is "Be an Astronomer!" Free activities are planned for all ages, toddlers to adults.

Tucson Citizen - February 27, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — People jetting out of Tucson are getting views of far more distant destinations.

A White House Star Party?
Sky & Telescope - February 27, 2009
Washington, DC — Picture this: It's Saturday, April 4th, and all around the world astronomers are celebrating "100 Hours of Astronomy," a key component of the International Year of Astronomy. Evening twilight is descending on Washington, D.C., and on a grassy expanse somewhere in the U.S. Capitol, First Lady Michelle Obama is helping her daughters, Malia and Sasha, zero in on a fat, gibbous Moon using a telescope once owned by Thomas Jefferson.

Top Vatican Official Visits Vatican Astronomers at UA
University of Arizona - February 27, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — After a long flight from Rome that landed him in Tucson on Wednesday, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo spent Thursday with Vatican Observatory and University of Arizona astronomers, touring their campus offices and laboratories and hearing presentations on their latest research.

Exchange Magazine - February 27, 2009
Guelph, CANADA — The University of Guelph will mark the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009 with public lectures and sky viewings, as well as the release of a new "star-studded" digital EP during a campus concert next month by singer/songwriter and physics professor Diane Nalini de Kerckhove.

The Daily Evergreen - February 27, 2009
Pullman, WASHINGTON — The Palouse will be seeing stars Saturday night.

Fallbrook Village News - February 26, 2009
Fallbrook, CALIFORNIA — In 1609 Galileo first turned a telescope toward the sky…and modern astronomy was born.

NASA Gives Out Of This World Gift To Local School
WSBT 22 - February 26, 2009
South Bend, INDIANA — This is the International Year of Astronomy. It celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo turning his telescope to the heavens. Thursday students at Kennedy Academy in South Bend took part in the celebration with a special gift from NASA.

Science in Motion program attracts state representative
Clarion University - February 26, 2009
Clarion, PENNSYLVANIA — Twelve teachers and four Clarion University students attended a Clarion University’s Science in Motion Program for “Integrating Astronomy into the Curriculum.” The activity attracted another visitor, newly elected State Representative Donna Oberlander (R-63).

Shreveport Times - February 26, 2009
Shreveport, LOUISIANA — Louisiana’s Science Center will celebrate the International Year of Astronomy with programs and activities starting at 1 and 4 p.m. Friday.

Indiana University - February 26, 2009
Bloomington, INDIANA — Indiana University next week kicks off its own celebration of the International Year of Astronomy with three months of events that include a statewide contest for high school students, a public lecture series highlighted by a visiting Nobel laureate and an open house at IU's historic Kirkwood Observatory.

Express News Service - February 26, 2009
Kochi, INDIA — “The growth of science alienating itself from culture is really dangerous,” said renowned science writer and State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications Director K Pappootty.

AScribe - February 26, 2009
Oakland, CALIFORNIA — As part of the International Year of Astronomy, Chabot Space & Science Center will unveil an image taken using a combination of NASA's Great Observatories - The Hubble Space Telescope, The Spitzer Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory. NASA is releasing images from its Great Observatories to more than 100 planetariums, museums, nature centers, and schools across the country.

Oh My Stars: Earthlings Celebrate International Year of Astronomy
The Daily Californian - February 25, 2009
Berkeley, CALIFORNIA — Break out your telescopes, kids—it’s the International Year of Astronomy. (We’re talking about the stuff in the sky, not your love forecast. Just checking.)

CBC - February 25, 2009
New Brunswick, CANADA — Astronomers are hoping to preserve the famously dark places of New Brunswick.

Galileo telescope recreated
ANSA - February 25, 2009
Rome, Italy — A team of astronomers, scientists and historians have recreated the original telescope used by Galileo Galilei, allowing them to see the night sky through the eyes of the 17th-century astronomer for the first time.

Beauty without borders
Discover Magazine - February 25, 2009
USA — Right now as I write this, Venus is a brilliant beacon of light in the western sky after sunset. After the Moon, it’s far and away the brightest object in the night sky, obvious to anyone who can see. It’s also the International Year of Astronomy, so a group of people has decided to merge the two events into one called Beauty Without Borders. Starting February 25 (today!) and going through March 1, they want everyone who can to go outside and observe this gorgeous planet. February 28 is the best day, as the crescent Moon will be near Venus, making a beautiful duet in the sky.

Edinburgh Guide - February 25, 2009
Edinburgh, SCOTLAND — Scientists, amateur astronomers, teachers and outdoor educators are gathering at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh this morning, to launch the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA 2009) in Scotland.

Hürriyet - February 25, 2009
Ankara, TURKEY — The cause of the Earth’s orbit, its impact on night and day, and the reasons for the seasons are lessons from elementary school worth remembering.

The Michigan Journal - February 24, 2009
Dearborn, MICHIGAN — Four hundred years ago, Galileo Galilei made history by inventing the world's first astronomical telescope and becoming the first man to stare into space. This occasion will be celebrated throughout the year at the University of Michigan - Dearborn, which is taking part in the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009), with a series of lectures and events revolving around all-things space.

The Journal Times - February 23, 2009
Racine, WISCONSIN — The Galileoscope, a United Nations project and telescope kit being built by a Racine company, is entering the production stage.

The Times of India - February 23, 2009
Pune, INDIA — With Unesco declaring 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy, the city's astronomy clubs have a plethora of activities lined up...

UT Austin - February 23, 2009
Austin, TEXAS — The 81st Legislature of the State of Texas will honor The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University with a joint resolution, recognizing their cutting-edge research and outreach efforts in astronomy in celebration of 2009 as the official International Year of Astronomy (IYA).

Comet Open House and International Year of Astronomy
Courier-Post - February 23, 2009
Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY — The Rowan University Astronomy Club and the Department of Physics and Astronomy will host an observatory open house on Tuesday, February 24 between 9 p.m. and midnight. Guests are invited to view several celestial objects, including Saturn and the comet Lulin. The Comet Lulin is a green comet that has been covered by the media extensively. On Tuesday, Saturn and Comet Lulin will converge in the constellation Leo only 2 degrees apart. At the same time, Comet Lulin will be making its closest approach to Earth — the comet at its best. This opportunity to view the Comet Lulin is aided by clearer weather forecasts for the early morning hours and evening.

Aiken Standard - February 23, 2009
Aiken, SOUTH CAROLINA — The Ruth Patrick Science Center is seeking entries for a Youth Art Competition and Exhibit.

Journal and Courier - February 23, 2009
West Lafayette, INDIANA — To locate the Pinwheel Galaxy, or Messier 101, first find the Big Dipper in the night's sky.

America in Space - February 2009
PIggot Times - February 22, 2009
Piggot, ARKANSAS — The 2009 has opened up with a number of discoveries in astronomy and a number of projects planned in our nation's space program.

NASA photos to be revealed at Discovery Place
Texarkana Gazette - February 22, 2009
Texarkana, TEXAS — The Red River Astronomy Club recently received rare gifts from NASA in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy: photographs they’ll unveil on Saturday, and donate to Discovery Place Children’s Museum.

Northern groups look to the stars
BBC News - February 21, 2009
Dounreay, SCOTLAND — A new astronomy club has been formed in the far north of Scotland in time to mark the International Year of Astronomy. - February 20, 2009
Mauna Kea, HAWAII — In celebration of the International Year of Astronomy and commemorating 400 years of the telescope, the 2009 Maunakea Lecture Series will feature the latest in cosmic discovery presented by the directors of the observatories of Mauna Kea.

Southwest Early College Campus to hold astronomy open house
Kansas - February 20, 2009
Kansas City, MISSOURI — The Kansas City School District’s planetarium celebrates the second anniversary of its reopening as well as the International Year of Astronomy with an open house Monday.

University of Colorado - February 20, 2009
Boulder, COLORADO — The University of Colorado at Boulder's Fiske Planetarium will celebrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009 with the unveiling of two new mural-sized images taken by NASA telescopes and observatories and a talk by astronomer Luisa Rebull on Feb. 27.

If New Milford's observatory has its way, it'll be bringing the planets down to earth this year
New Milford Times - February 20, 2009
New Milford, CONNECTICUT — After all, 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, so what better time to push forward a plan that would probably attract the general public as well as those interested in the solar system. - February 20, 2009
West Lothian, SCOTLAND — Students and staff at a Lothians college have been stargazing for the first time.

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