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Berkshire, England (1792 - 1871)
Sir John Frederick William Herschel was an English mathematician, astronomer, chemist, experimental photographer and inventor. The son of astronomer Sir William Herschel, he originated the use of the Julian day system in astronomy. He named seven moons of Saturn and four moons of Uranus.

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Jimmy Westlake: Epsilon Aurigae: mystery star
Steamboat Pilot - July 28, 2009
Glenwood Springs, COLORADO — In the far northern constellation of Auriga the Charioteer, not far from the bright star Capella, an astronomical mystery is about to play out, as it has every 27 years for the past century.

EarthTimes - July 28, 2009
Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA — Friends Of The Observatory (FOTO) will host and present the debut of "Cosmic Conjunction 2009: Music*Moonlight*Griffith Observatory," a special one-night-only concert at Griffith Observatory on Sunday, October 4, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m., P.D.T.

Taipei Times - July 28, 2009
Taipei, TAIWAN — People who have been wondering how oceans form, yearning to experience Galileo’s excitement as he experimented with free-falling objects at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or who simply want to walk hand-in-hand with their beloved down the Magpie Bridge as in the legend “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl,” may want to visit the National Science Council’s (NSC) science festival this year.

redOrbit - July 28, 2009
Linz, AUSTRIA — During the journey to 'The Peak of Eternal Light', the audience joins Commander Björn Grieger and his flight crew onboard a virtual lunar shuttle called 'Sparrow' for a thrilling flight over the lunar surface.

SpaceRef - July 27, 2009
Boston, MASSACHUSETTS — Registration is now open for the Chandra's First Decade of Discovery Symposium. This symposium will take place on Sept. 21-25, 2009, in Boston, Mass.

White House acquires Mort painting
Village Soup - July 27, 2009
Port Clyde, MAINE — Greg Mort's oil painting "Planet Evolution" has been selected for the White House Art Collection. The work may be seen at the artist's annual open studio this weekend.

Review: Cosmos And Culture @ Science Museum
Londonist - July 26, 2009
London, ENGLAND — 40 years since Apollo 11? It's just the tip of the comet for space-based celebration in 2009. This is International Year of Astronomy, and anywhere with the slightest moonbeam of a connection to the stars is putting on a show.

Latin American Herald Tribune - July 26, 2009
Canary Islands, SPAIN — The Great Telescope of the Canary Islands, or GTC, the world’s biggest and most technologically advanced, will unveil mysteries of the cosmos with its powerful mirror equivalent to the sight of 4 million pupils of the human eye.

Tucson observatories transform the heavens into stars
St. Petersburg Times - July 26, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — I am looking at Saturn. Not a photo of Saturn, not an illustration or a projection on a planetarium wall. I am on a piney mountaintop in southern Arizona, looking intently through the eyepiece of a two-story-tall telescope with a 24-inch mirror at the sixth planet from the sun, more than 700 million miles away.

Celebrating 400 years of the telescope
BBC News - July 25, 2009
London, ENGLAND — It's exactly 400 years since the Jacobean scientist and draftsman Thomas Harriot first turned his "Dutch Trunke" to the night sky to make a series of observations and drawings of the moon.

Ridgefield's new Star Park opens tonight
The Ridgefield Press - July 25, 2009
Ridgefield, CONNECTICUT — The Hubble Space Telescope — developed just 10 miles north from Ridgefield’s village — keeps a steady eye on far corners of the universe, capturing breathtaking images of beauty.

The Guardian - July 25, 2009
London, ENGLAND — They usually work alone, and in dark places, but they have lit up our universe.

Kids: Astronomy is 'so cool'
Stauton News Leader - July 25, 2009
Harrisonburg, VIRGINIA — The kids gasped in unison as the stars and planets surrounding them began to spin.

Kenosha News - July 24, 2009
Kenoshaw, WISCONSIN — Four hundred years ago, with his feet firmly planted on the ground in Italy, Galileo created a telescope that allowed him to see Jupiter, craters of the moon and the phases of Venus.

Total eclipse of the sun
The Nut Graph - July 23, 2009
MALAYSIA — A total eclipse of the sun cast a long shadow on Earth yesterday, 22 July 2009. Said to be the longest total solar eclipse in the 21st century, the shadow moved along a narrow corridor across parts of the Asia Pacific.

East Valley Tribune - July 23, 2009
Chandler, ARIZONA — Chandler residents will be able to get a close-up look at the stars Friday night in Veterans Oasis Park to celebrate the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's "International Year of Astronomy."

The solar eclipse in China
The Economist - July 23, 2009
CHINA — On July 22nd the moon’s shadow fell across China’s industrial heartland in the longest total solar eclipse the 21st century will witness. Never before have so many people lived under an eclipse’s path.

The News-Times - July 22, 2009
New Milford, CONNECTICUT — McCarthy Observatory leaders are in a final push to raise money for what is expected to be a lasting tribute to Galileo's astronomical discovery 400 years ago.

Scoping out the Galileoscope
MSNBC - July 22, 2009
USA — Low-cost Galileoscopes are making their way to buyers after months of buildup. So is the view worth the wait? The answer is "yes ... but."

Telescope an astronomical prize
Honolulu Star-Bulletin - July 22, 2009
Honolulu, HAWAII — The University of Hawaii's Manoa and Hilo campuses are celebrating Mauna Kea's selection over Cerro Armazones, Chile, for the world's most powerful telescope.

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