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USA (1868 - 1938)
George Ellery Hale was an American solar astronomer, born in Chicago. He was educated at MIT, at the Observatory of Harvard College, (1889-90), and at Berlin (1893-94). As an undergraduate at MIT, he invented the spectroheliograph, with which he made his discoveries of the solar vortices and magnetic fields of sun spots.

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Times of India - August 29, 2009
Bangalore, INDIA — 'Science In Action -- Astronomy', an exhibition held at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on Friday, saw 25 schools participating.

Dr. Phil and Dr. Pam host a Star Party - August 28, 2009
Atlanta, GEORGIA — Atlanta area amateur astronomers and fans of the cosmos have an interesting opportunity next week. On September 3rd the Atlanta Skeptics are holding a Star Party which will be hosted by Dr. Phil Plait and Dr. Pamela Gay.

Naked eye astronomy
BBC News - August 28, 2009
UK — Galileo first turned his telescope to the skies 400 years ago. But even those without fancy equipment can watch the stars - here are five notable formations to look for.

Telegraph-Journal - August 28, 2009
Oromocto NB, CANADA — When Don Kelly set out to write Mary Lou's New Telescope, he simply wanted to share his love of astronomy and foster a new generation of stargazers.

Picking the year’s top astronomy stories
Astronomy Magazine - August 27, 2009
Washington, DC — Each year Astronomy magazine publishes an article highlighting what we consider the top 10 astronomy stories of the previous year.

Evening News 24 - August 27, 2009
Norwich, ENGLAND — Mark Thompson has had stars in his eyes since he was 10 years old and first spotted Saturn's mysterious rings through a telescope.

Fayetteville Observer - August 27, 2009
Fayetteville, NORTH CAROLINA — Even though it's nearly a half billion miles away, the largest planet in our solar system is making its presence known.

The - August 27, 2009
Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA — Carnegie Science Center announced plans for the development of a permanent astronomy exhibition featuring the historic Zeiss II Planetarium Star Projector from the Theater of the Stars in the former Buhl Science Center.

A new view of the universe
Keremeos Review - August 27, 2009
Penticton BC, CANADA — 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, and DRAO invites you to their 13th Open House on Saturday, September 26, to help celebrate!

Science with a side of scandal
The Prague Post - August 26, 2009
Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC — A new museum and conference look at the life's work of Kepler, the death of his greatest collaborator sparks intrigue.

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