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USA (1889 - 1953)
Edwin Powell Hubble profoundly changed astronomers' understanding of the nature of the universe by demonstrating the existence of other galaxies besides the Milky Way. He also discovered that the degree of redshift observed in light coming from a galaxy increased in proportion to the distance of that galaxy from the Milky Way. This became known as Hubble's law, and would help establish that the universe is expanding.

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Display 10 20 50 per page. - November 3, 2009
Indianapolis, INDIANA — The Pike High School Planetarium will be part of a NASA event next week.

Winter party-goers hoping for a star-studded bash
This is Lincolnshire - November 3, 2009
Lincolnshire, UK — A winter party to celebrate the stars in the sky above Lincolnshire, will bring the universe into sharp focus.

Keremeos Review - November 3, 2009
Penticton BC, CANADA — Christmas is coming! If you are considering getting a telescope for the family astronomer, you are probably about to go shopping, and worrying about making the right choice.

How the Moon shines its way into our lives
Cambridge News - November 3, 2009
Cambridge, UK — It has been there for billions of years, but 2009 is special for the Moon. Jack Grove found out why astronomers and amateur stargazers in Cambridge are starting to get excited about Earth's satellite once again.

Valdosta State University News - November 2, 2009
Valdosta, GEORGIA — Guests at Valdosta State University's planetarium will witness the transformation of astronomy at its upcoming show "Astronomy Grows up -- and out!" at 7:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6, in Nevins Hall.

Indian Catholic - November 2, 2009
VATICAN CITY — Modernity would benefit from the sense of awe that inspired the fathers of modern science, says Benedict XVI.

Before Galileo
ABC - November 1, 2009
Menngen NT, AUSTRALIA — In the International Year of Astronomy, astronomers world-wide are celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo turning a telescope to the sky and while some Aboriginal artists and elders are learning from astronomers and seeing a western view of their constellations, they in turn are teaching astronomers their stories and ways they have viewed the stars way before Galileo was born.

The Dakota Student - October 30, 2009
Grand Forks, NORTH DAKOTA — Tuesday night, in a tribute to the International Year of Astronomy, Tim Young, associate professor of Physics and Astrophysics gave a talk entitled "Time Travelers."

During International Year of Astronomy, Pope Benedict reflects on Galileo controversy - October 30, 2009
VATICAN CITY — On October 30, Pope Benedict XVI received participants in the conference sponsored by the Specola Vaticana (Vatican Observatory) for the International Year of Astronomy.

Vatican Radio - October 30, 2009
VATICAN CITY — Astronomers from around the world arrived in Rome on Friday for a two-day symposium organized by the Governorate of the Vatican City State and the Vatican Observatory. The highlight of the event was a meeting on Friday with Pope Benedict XVI.

Bringing light, shadow to the stars
Billings Gazette - October 30, 2009
Billings, MONTANA — The picture on the computer screen looked like someone forgot to take the lens cap off - black with a few specks of white. - October 29, 2009
San Francisco, CALIFORNIA — “The Universe, yours to discover,” is a powerful theme for the International Year of Astronomy. This year is dedicated to celebrating astronomy and its contributions to society.

Sidewalk science: Falmouth astronomers share the view
Falmouth Bulletin - October 29, 2009
Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS — Falmouth Selectman Brent Putnam isn’t just passionate about politics, he’s also passionate about the planets, the moon and the stars.

Guides make contact with space
Halifax News Net - October 29, 2009
Halifax NS, CANADA — The Keshen Goodman Library made contact with space last week, as members of the public listened to Girl Guides questioning Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk while the International Space Station passed over Alaska.

The Press and Journal - October 29, 2009
Aberdeen, UK — Calling all moon-gazers for an evening of lunar activity. Some 400 years ago, Galileo famously turned his telescope to the skies and observed the moon for the first time.

Astronomical League president Terry Mann to discuss 'Women of Astronomy' - October 28, 2009
Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN — Terry Mann, president of the Astronomical League, a group of approximately 18,000 amateur astronomers, is scheduled to visit Kalamazoo next month to talk about women astronomers.

Galilean Nights attract curious sky gazers
Star of Mysore - October 27, 2009
Mysore, INDIA — Excel Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Excel Public School, Hootagalli, had jointly organised a unique programme called "Galilean Nights" from Oct. 22 to 24.

Astronomer shares the thrill of looking up
News-Record - October 27, 2009
Jamestown, NORTH CAROLINA — Every Friday night, when our star-studded sky looks as clear as blown glass, they come across Lake Katherine at GTCC toward the Cline Observatory.

The Sydney Morning Herald - October 27, 2009
Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA — No one expects the Spanish Inquisition but Galileo, the renowned 17th-century thinker, might finally defeat his tormentors.

What Galileo and Scientific American have in common: Honored Italian heritage
Scientific American - October 26, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — In the year of Galileo, it is only fitting that the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York would structure its annual celebration of Italian heritage in part around the famed Italian astronomer.

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