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Vera (Cooper) Rubin is an astronomer who has done pioneering work on galaxy rotation rates. Her discovery of what is known as "flat rotation curves" is the most direct and robust evidence of dark matter.

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The day Galileo changed the universe, part one
Astronomy - August 26, 2009
Washington, DC — This year marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo hearing about a new Dutch invention called the telescope, recreating it in his own workshop independently, and then turning it toward the sky and making his first, world-changing observations.

Galileo challenged the church 400 years ago
Catholic News Service - August 25, 2009
Washington, DC — When Galileo Galilei first turned his simple telescope toward Jupiter, the moon and then the sun nearly 400 years ago, it’s not difficult to imagine how amazed he was.

Science Fun - August 25, 2009
USA — It is fitting that in 2009, the International Year of Astronomy, that we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the telescope. On August 25, 1609, Galileo introduced the telescope and began stargazing in Padua, Italy.

Astronomy - August 25, 2009
Washington, DC — Exactly 400 years ago today, Galileo unleashed what may be his most lasting contribution to science: the telescope. As both the International Year of Astronomy and Google's home page both commemorate, today's the day astronomy began in earnest.

Happy News - August 25, 2009
Austin, TEXAS — 2009 has been named the “International Year of Astronomy,” because it’s the quadricentennial of the first use of the telescope by Galileo Bonaiuti de’ Galilei (1564–1642), usually known by his first name only. Atheists have long used Galileo as a story of “science versus religion.” So what are the facts?

British astronomer eclipsed by Galileo’s telescope
The First Post - August 25, 2009
London, ENGLAND — It’s 400 years since Galileo demonstrated his telescope, but Thomas Harriot beat the great man to using a telescope to observe the heavens.

Take no notice! No two moons on 27th August - August 25, 2009
SPAIN — A rumour has been spreading that this Thursday 27th August planet Mars would appear from Earth to be the same size as the Moon. has spoken with the Planetarium of Pamplona, who assured that this was in fact untrue...

The News-Times - August 21, 2009
Ridgefield, CONNECTICUT — Are there stars out tonight? I can't tell if it's cloudy or bright.

Calgary Herald - August 20, 2009
Calgary AB, CANADA — Look up in the sky, and beyond the birds, the planes and Superman, there's a whole universe to explore.

Kendal Astronomer - August 20, 2009
Chico, CALIFORNIA — The International Year of Astronomy, 2009 documentary, 400 Years of the Telescope, has picked up the prize for best Director at Australia’s SCINEMA science film festival, which runs until the 23rd of August.

Popularizing the heck out of astronomy
Astronomy - August 19, 2009
Global — I’m a big fan of anything that brings people face to face with amazing science, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening in The World At Night (TWAN), an international program to display beautiful images of the night sky in American malls.

Star exploring the night sky
Northside Chronicle - August 19, 2009
Brisbane, AUSTRALIA — "On a clear moonless night you can’t see millions of stars, only about 1000 ‐ but thanks to an accident of geography and climate, you can see more from Australia than anywhere else in the world,’’ explains Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Honolulu Advertiser - August 18, 2009
Honolulu, HAWAII — "Fly Me to the Moon," an informational program to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009, will be presented at Hawaii Kai Public Library on Saturday, September 12 at 11 a.m. in the Meeting Room. Admission is free.

Indiana University - August 18, 2009
Bloomington, INDIANA — Running with the success of its promotion of the International Year of Astronomy and backed by funding from the Indiana Space Grant Consortium, Indiana University Bloomington's Department of Astronomy will bring its own quiz show, plenty of homemade comets and a 3D experience of Mars to the Indiana State Fair later this week.

Thaindian News - August 18, 2009
Washington, DC — An exhibit of stunning photographs of the night sky as viewed over many of the most beautiful natural, historic and cultural landmarks in the world is being shown at 24 shopping centers across the United States from now through November 8.

Students win moonwalk competition
Springfield News - August 18, 2009
Forest Lake QLD, AUSTRALIA — Star-gazing scholars at Forest Lake College are celebrating stellar success this year the International Year of Astronomy.

Hunting ET: Astrobiology and the quest for extraterrestrial life
Guardian Science Blog - August 17, 2009
London, ENGLAND — The discovery of life elsewhere in the Solar System would 'profoundly change our understanding of where we came from and our place in the cosmos', astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell told Sam Wong ahead of his public lecture on the subject this week.

Send a text message to space aliens on Gliese 851d - August 16, 2009
USA — NASA and COSMOS magazine will give us a chance to send a 160-character text message to our alien brothers and sisters on Gliese 851d on August 24 2009 in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Hello from earth: website aims to make contact with aliens
Revolution Magazine - August 14, 2009
London, ENGLAND — What would you say if you were face to face with an alien? This is the question being posed by Hello From Earth, a website that has been launched to establish contact with extra terrestrials.

IAU General Assembly finishes with the launch of successor to the International Year of Astronomy
Eureka Alert! - August 13, 2009
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL — The IAU XXVIIth General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil had its Closing Ceremony today, Thursday 14 August 2009, after two busy weeks.

San Jose Mercury News - August 13, 2009
Oakland, CALIFORNIA — What a great time to learn about the universe.

Black-sky thinking
The Economist - August 13, 2009
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL — Since time immemorial man has looked at the stars in awe and wonderment. No longer. The observatories where light is collected are now run by robots that neither dirty the instruments nor take night-time naps. Does it matter?

The Muskokan - August 13, 2009
Muskoka ONT, CANADA — This is the International Year of Astronomy and to help celebrate Red Leaves will host its second annual discover the universe event on August 21, with special guest, Canada’s leading astronomy author Terence Dickinson.

Times of India - August 13, 2009
Ludhiana, INDIA — A celestial event, the opposition of Jupiter, carries with it some extra excitement this year. It will be very close to earth on Friday.

Watchers of the skies gather in the dark forest
Scarborough Evening News - August 13, 2009
North Yorkshire, ENGLAND — The Forestry Commission is promising a night with the stars later this week.

The Catholic Spirit - August 13, 2009
St. Paul-Minneapolis, MINNESOTA — Earlier this week, if the weather cooperated and clear skies prevailed, my son and I planned to spend some time gazing at the nighttime sky on the hunt for “shooting stars” — small bits of rock and dust that stream brightly through the earth’s atmosphere as part of the annual mid-August Perseid meteor shower. - August 12, 2009
Washington Heights, NEW YORK — It is a yearly celebration that few really know about. However, it’s a celestial party—of some sort—with the Perseid Meteor Shower illuminating the way.

Houma Today - August 12, 2009
Houma, LOUISIANA — A local space-science enthusiast plans to speak on human life off of Planet Earth during an event at a Houma library next week.

Perseids 'meteor watch' knocks Disney star Miley Cyrus off Twitter top spot
Telegraph - August 12, 2009
UK — The meteor watch Twitter campaign launched on the first night of the Perseids meteor shower was so successful it got more tweets than Disney teen star Miley Cyrus.

WFPL News - August 11, 2009
Louisville, KENTUCKY — First editions of two revolutionary books that developed the field of astronomy are on view at a local museum. On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres by Copernicus proposed that the Earth orbits around the Sun, as opposed to the Catholic Church’s position where the Earth was the center of the universe. - August 11, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — The skies over New York may not be the best for Perseid viewing this year (or any year, considering all the light pollution we've got). But that doesn't mean you have to miss out altogether.

Perseid meteor shower 2009
Los Angeles Times - August 11, 2009
Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA — The annual Perseid meteor showers, which seem to radiate from the constellation Perseus, have been viewable to some extent since around July 17. But tonight, they are expected to be at their peak, with as many as 80 meteors streaking the sky hourly.

Sussex Twitterers asked to join meteor star party
The Argus - August 11, 2009
Sussex, ENGLAND — Sussex twitterers could be among the forefront of a global “Twitter Meteorwatch” tonight.

Marvel at meteors at Castle Drogo
Western Morning News - August 11, 2009
Drewsteignton, ENGLAND — The dark night sky above Castle Drogo is one of the best places to marvel at a meteorite shower this week, according to the National Trust.

Twitter fans set for Perseid party
Scientific American - August 10, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — Stargazers around the world will join in the first cosmic party to watch meteors tonight, thanks to Twitter. Hundreds are linking up via the popular website to share the experience as nature puts on a spectacular, natural firework show called the Perseids.

Stargazers in 'Twitter marathon'
BBC News - August 10, 2009
Glasgow, SCOTLAND — Budding astronomers are being urged to take part in the first "Twitter Meteorwatch" by sending in their pictures of the Perseid meteor shower.

International Year of Astronomy in Second Life - August 10, 2009
USA — Today we remember Galileo as one of the great early astronomers, but he spent the last six years of his life under arrest for astronomical observations that challenged the beliefs of his time, but which four centuries later are accepted scientific truths. - August 10, 2009
San Diego, CALIFORNIA — Experts from around the world connecting at SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego last week reported on advances in technologies for sustainable energy and research in nanoscience, photonics, and optical engineering.

Moonlets and Rings; Kepler Watches HA
AccuWeather - August 10, 2009
State College, PENNSYLVANIA — The peak of the Perseids is almost upon us! I am hoping that the forecast for clear skies Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in State College, PA will verify. I plan to set my alarm and head out to the back yard to watch the hour-long super Perseid show!

Preview: Public Observatory @ National Air and Space Museum
dcist - August 10, 2009
Washington, DC — The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has had quite the year so far. Last month they were visited by astronaut heroes from the beginning of the space race all the way through the latest space shuttle missions. - August 10, 2009
Reston, VIRGINIA — The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics will hold the AIAA SPACE 2009 Conference & Exposition September 14-17 at the Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, Calif. The conference will explore the theme "Space: New Opportunities for a New Era."

Tweeting the Perseids
redOrbit - August 10, 2009
UK — Amateur astronomers across the UK are preparing to tweet the world’s first mass participation meteor star party, as part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009).

Curator welcomes telescope upgrade
Traverse City Record-Eagle - August 10, 2009
Traverse City, MICHIGAN — Jerry Dobek's wildest dream has come true.

Taiwan News - August 10, 2009
Taipei, TAIWAN — The National Science Council's (NSC's) astronomy exhibition provides a good opportunity for people to better understand the universe, Deputy Minister of Education Lin Tsong-ming, said Monday.

Powerhouse Museum Presents From Earth to the Universe: A Stunning Journey through the Depths of Space
Art Daily - August 9, 2009
Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA — The Powerhouse Museum will take visitors on a breathtaking journey through our galaxy and beyond with From Earth to the Universe, an exhibition featuring extraordinary astronomical images opening on 12 September.

The Nation - August 9, 2009
Lahore, PAKISTAN — Members of the public will have a unique opportunity to observe an astronomical highlight of 2009 as the Earth passes through the debris of comet ‘Swift-Tuttle’, according to a Press release issued by The Society of the Sun on Saturday.

The Chronicle Herald - August 8, 2009
Halifax NS, CANADA — It's August, so that means the Internet will be buzzing with the rumour that won’t die: Mars to be as large as full moon! Close encounter with Red Planet!

Taiwan News - August 8, 2009
Taipei, TAIWAN — The National Science Council postponed Saturday the opening of an astronomy exhibition, which was planned to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first observation of space and International Year of Astronomy 2009.

The Dickinson Press - August 7, 2009
Dickinson, NORTH DAKOTA — Some of the world’s most phenomenal and majestic landmarks coupled with astronomical wonders are on display at Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson.

Distant Suns for iPhone update: Sky no longer the limit
TUAW - August 6, 2009
USA — In this International Year of Astronomy we're seeing a small explosion of astronomy apps updated both for the Mac and the iPhone.

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