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Xinglong Station

The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) project as one of the National Major Scientific Projects undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Science. LAMOST is a quasi-meridian reflecting Schmidt telescope laid down on the ground with its optical axis fixed in the meridian plane. The aperture of LAMOST is 4m, enabling it to obtain the spectra of objects as faint as down to 20m.5 with an exposure of 1.5 hour. Its focal plane is 1.75m in diameter, corresponding to a 5? field of view, may accommodate as many as 4000 optical fibers. So the light from 4000 celestial objects will be led into a number of spectrographs simultaneously. Thus the telescope will be the one that possesses the highest spectrum acquiring rate in the world.

Aperture: 4.2 meters   Latitude: 105 50 E
First light: 2007 Longitude: 40 23 N
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Elevation: 950 meters