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The Hague, Netherlands (/1629/ - /1695/)
Using the Paris Observatory (completed in 1672), Christiaan Huygens made further astronomical observations. In 1684 he published Astroscopia Compendiaria which presented his new aerial (tubeless) telescope.

Professional astronomers use large telescopes all over the world, and even in space. Most of the largest ground-based reflecting telescopes are concentrated in Hawaii, Chile, and the Canary Islands that take advantage of the dark skies and superior seeing conditions created by high elevations, dry and steady airflow, and great distances from city lights. You will also find large relfecting telescopes in the United States (California, Arizona and Texas among other states), South Africa, Russia, Australia, China and other countries. Check out this list of large reflecting telescopes with primary mirrors that range in size from 15 to 2.2 meters in diameter for one that might be located near you, or plan your next vacation to visit one.

To view the details of any telescope in this list, please click on the name of the telescope. You can also sort the telescopes, by clicking on the table headings.

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Telescope Location Country
ESO-MPI Cerro La Silla Chile 2.2
MPI-CAHA Calar Alto Spain 2.2
UH Mauna Kea, Hawaii USA 2.2
WIRO Jelm Mountain, Wyoming USA 2.3
ANU Coonabarabran, NSW Australia 2.3
Bok Kitt Peak, Arizona USA 2.3
Vainu Bappu Kavalur India 2.3
Hiltner Kitt Peak, Arizona USA 2.4
Lijiang Lijiang City China 2.4
Hubble Space Telescope Low Earth orbit USA 2.4
CHARA Mt. Wilson, California USA 2.45
Hooker Mt. Wilson, California USA 2.5
Isaac Newton La Palma, Canary Islands Spain 2.5
Nordic Optical La Palma, Canary Islands Spain 2.5
du Pont La Serena Chile 2.5
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Apache Point, New Mexico USA 2.5
BAO Byurakan Armenia 2.6
Shajn Crimea Ukraine 2.6
Harlan Smith Mt. Locke, Texas USA 2.7
Shane Mount Hamilton, California USA 3

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