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Germany (1738 - 1822)
Sir Frederick William Herschel was a German-born British astronomer and composer who became famous for discovering Uranus. He also discovered infrared radiation and made many other discoveries in astronomy.

Professional astronomers use large telescopes all over the world, and even in space. Most of the largest ground-based reflecting telescopes are concentrated in Hawaii, Chile, and the Canary Islands that take advantage of the dark skies and superior seeing conditions created by high elevations, dry and steady airflow, and great distances from city lights. You will also find large relfecting telescopes in the United States (California, Arizona and Texas among other states), South Africa, Russia, Australia, China and other countries. Check out this list of large reflecting telescopes with primary mirrors that range in size from 15 to 2.2 meters in diameter for one that might be located near you, or plan your next vacation to visit one.

To view the details of any telescope in this list, please click on the name of the telescope. You can also sort the telescopes, by clicking on the table headings.

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Telescope Location Country
William Herschel La Palma, Canary Islands Spain 4.2
SOAR Cerro Pachon Chile 4.2
LAMOST Xinglong Station China 4.2
Victor Blanco Cerro Tololo Chile 4
Anglo-Australian Coonabarabran, NSW Australia 3.9
Mayall Kitt Peak, Arizona USA 3.8
UKIRT Mauna Kea, Hawaii USA 3.8
AEOS Maui, Hawaii USA 3.67
360 Cerro La Silla Chile 3.6
Canada-France-Hawaii Mauna Kea, Hawaii USA 3.6
New Technology Cerro La Silla Chile 3.6
Telescopio Nazionale Galileo La Palma, Canary Islands Spain 3.58
MPI-CAHA Calar Alto Spain 3.5
ARC Apache Point, New Mexico USA 3.5
WIYN Kitt Peak, Arizona USA 3.5
Starfire Kirtland AFB, New Mexico USA 3.5
Herschel Space Telescope L2 orbit EU 3.5
Shane Mount Hamilton, California USA 3
NASA IRTF Mauna Kea, Hawaii USA 3
Harlan Smith Mt. Locke, Texas USA 2.7

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