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Genoa, Italy (1625 - 1712)
Giovanni Domenico Cassini was an Italian mathematician, astronomer, engineer, and astrologer. Cassini was an astronomer at the Panzano Observatory, from 1648 to 1669, professor of astronomy at the University of Bologna and became, in 1671, director of the Paris Observatory. Along with Robert Hooke, Cassini is given credit for the discovery of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter (ca. 1665). Cassini was the first to observe four of Saturn's moons, which he called Sidera Lodoicea. Around 1690, Cassini was the first to observe differential rotation within Jupiter's atmosphere.

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It's time to look up again
The Gazette - June 14, 2009
Montréal, CANADA — There is no ancient culture that has not spent considerable time looking at the sky, from the Mesopotamians and Egyptians to the Persians and Native Americans.

Herschel telescope 'opens eyes'
BBC News - June 14, 2009
SPACE — Europe's new billion-euro Herschel space observatory, launched in May, has achieved a critical milestone.

Indian Express - June 14, 2009
Pune, INDIA — Prafulla Dhariwal, a student of Dr Kalmadi Shamrao High School, has been selected in the three-member Indian team for International Astronomy Olympiad - Junior to be held in Hangzhou, China from November 8 to 16. This year is being celebrated as the international year of astronomy.

Explore the entire solar system... on your bike
Wisconsin State Journal - June 13, 2009
Madison, WISCONSIN — In this, the International Year of Astronomy, there may be no better way to explore our solar system than by bicycle.

Reaching for the Stars
Science Careers - June 12, 2009
Washington, DC — Maggie Aderin-Pocock darts through a maze of dark corridors of the high-security satellite works at the space firm Astrium in Stevenage, U.K. A locked door opens into a vast, bright room, where the bones of a satellite hang overhead: a gigantic metallic cube packed with wires and electronics.

NY1 - June 11, 2009
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA — As we approach the summer solstice, it's a perfect time to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy. Perhaps a trip to Philadelphia is in the stars. - June 11, 2009
Edinburgh, UK — A new "video dome" allowing people to get a unique tour of space has been launched at Edinburgh's Our Dynamic Earth.

ABC7 - June 11, 2009
Chicago, ILLINOIS — At one time or another most children become fascinated with the stars and the nighttime sky. Many parents buy their children telescopes to encourage star-gazing. But often, children lose interest in astronomy as school, sports and other activities take up their time.

Newswise - June 10, 2009
USA — The July 22 total solar eclipse, visible from China and India (but not the United States), will be the longest in the 21st century. Teams of scientists from around the world will gather in China to study the corona, the sun's outermost atmosphere, for almost six minutes, unusually long for totality.

Bringing Astronomy Into The Classroom
redOrbit - June 10, 2009
Dallas, TEXAS — The Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) is a Cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009). This celebration of astronomy and its contribution to science and society aims to boost the quality of education for children and young adults and GTTP is at the forefront of these efforts.

EurekaAlert - June 10, 2009
Pasadena, CALIFORNIA — Championing the modern-day use of solar eclipses to solve a set of modern problems is the goal of a review article written by Jay Pasachoff, visiting associate at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy at Williams College.

Belfast Telegraph - June 10, 2009
Belfast, IRELAND — Belfast is set to be awash with ‘stars’ later this month as the annual City Carnival takes place.

Citizen astronomers unite
MSNBC - June 9, 2009
USA — The International Year of Astronomy isn't just for astronomers anymore: There's a whole constellation of projects aimed at getting regular folks like you and me involved in celestial adventures.

4NI - June 9, 2009
Belfast, IRELAND — Belfast's Lord Mayor, Councillor Naomi Long, is inviting the people of the city to 'Look Up' at the stars.

The incredible Galileo Galilei
Bangkok Post - June 9, 2009
Bangkok, THAILAND — This year has been chosen to be the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) as it marks the 400th year since Galileo Galilei first used a telescope to observe the skies.

EV Living - June 8, 2009
Peoria, ARIZONA — The Challenger Space Center is now enrolling students entering 6th-8th grade for its all-new CSI-Apollo (Cosmic Scientific Investigative) Summer Camp programs.

VFXWorld - June 8, 2009
Copenhagen, DENMARK — The forthcoming Euromax conference will see the launch of Intensity3D, a radical new concept in multi-dimensional video projection. Intensity3D combines the best in digital cinema and curved screen technology to provide new levels of image quality on a curved screen.

National honour for Wilderness star scientist
Weekend Post - June 8, 2009
Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA — Wilderness scientist Case Rijsdijk has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to communicating science, engineering, technology and innovation to generations of young learners.

University of Wisconsin-Madison News - June 8, 2009
Madison, WISCONSIN — "Galileo Under Wisconsin Skies," a series of special events presented by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Astronomy July 19-22, will commemorate the 400th anniversary of Galileo's telescope, the International Year of Astronomy and the renovation of Washburn Observatory at UW-Madison.

Daily Press - June 7, 2009
Newport News, VIRGINIA — In 1492, Christopher Columbus set out to prove that the world was round by sailing west to reach India. Everyone knows that, we learned it in school. Except we learned it wrong.

Star gazing and environment concerns at PIA Planetarium
Daily Times - June 7, 2009
Lahore, INDIA — Children queued to look at the stars through the telescope, and gasped at the moon that looked so near.

Einstein theory draws audience at University of Oklahoma
NewsOK - June 7, 2009
Norman, OKLAHOMA — The brilliance of Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity is considered by many to be timeless.

Canada Newswire - June 6, 2009
Toronto ONT, CANADA — On behalf of the Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, Ms. Tilly O'Neill-Gordon, Member of Parliament, Miramichi, joined the celebration to declare Kouchibouguac National Park as New Brunswick's first Dark Sky Preserve.

Telegraph-Journal - June 6, 2009
Saint John NB, CANADA — What has three legs, one eye and a parade of people looking back in time? If you didn't guess a telescope at a star party then join the parade this summer and be entranced by the night sky.

Science Blog - June 5, 2009
Ridgefield, CONNECTICUT — Spirit is stuck in the Martian sand right now, but all its solar panels are working. It's full of energy and eventually should pull free, like a car gradually rocking itself out of a snow drift.

Mormon Times - June 5, 2009
Salt Lake City, UTAH — The BYU Department of Physics and Astronomy kicked off festivities honoring the International Year of Astronomy with a lecture on June 2 by Professor J. Ward Moody titled "Is the universe infinite?"

StarConn convention focuses on extra-solar planets
Meriden Record-Journal - June 4, 2009
Middletown, CONNECTICUT — Since the first confirmed detection about two decades ago, nearly 350 planets have been identified outside the solar system. Scientists have speculated about them for centuries, but now that we know they are there, these extra-solar planets, as they're often called, are undergoing close scrutiny by both professional and amateur astronomers.

Gift means the sky's the limit for school's astronomy club
ChronicleLive - June 4, 2009
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK — A Tyneside school's astronomy club was over the moon to discover it was to receive a state-of-the-art telescope to help with star- gazing.

The Magic of Lanterns at Montréal's Nature Museums
Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News - June 4, 2009
Montréal, CANADA — To mark the International Year of Astronomy, a number of events at Montréal's Nature Museums are incorporating astronomical themes.

Philadelphia Center City Weekly Press - June 3, 2009
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA — If you are in Florence, Italy this summer at the Palazzo Strozzi, you will be able to see, as part of a Galileo exhibition honoring the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s revolutionary discoveries, the middle finger of the right hand of the 17th century astronomer Galileo Galilei - the only part not in a mausoleum in the Church of Santa Croce. It will be displayed in a crystal globe resting on a marble base.

EurekaAlert - June 3, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — The recipients of the 2009 Cosmology Prize of the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation are Wendy Freedman, director of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Pasadena, California; Robert Kennicutt, director of the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge in England; and Jeremy Mould, professorial fellow at the University of Melbourne School of Physics.

Zenit News Agency - June 2, 2009
VATICAN CITY — The Vatican Secret Archives will publish a new edition of the documents regarding the Galileo case as part of the celebrations marking this International Year of Astronomy.

The Norman Transcript - May 31, 2009
Norman, OKLAHOMA — Bruce A. Twarog, a professor in the department of physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas, will be the speaker for the International Year of Astronomy at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on the University of Oklahoma campus.

Akron Beacon Journal - May 31, 2009
Akron, OHIO — June begins with the Summer Triangle becoming just visible before midnight Monday. Look for the three bright stars in the east: Altair, the eye of the Eagle, Aquila, on the eastern horizon; Deneb, the tail of the Swan, Cygnus, higher and to the north; and then Vega, the Vulture star in Lyra, the Harp, between and higher up from Altair and Deneb.

Indiana University - May 29, 2009
Bloomington, INDIANA — Free popcorn, the planet Saturn, mysterious shaving cream atoms and Australian sheep farmers should make Wednesday nights starting in June intriguing for families taking part in the Indiana University Astronomy Department's International Year of Astronomy Summer Film Series.

IYA2009 - May 29, 2009
Munich, GERMANY — Have you been wondering what kind of IYA2009 stories have been in the news over the past week? Read on to find out...

Celebrating The 20th Century's Most Important Experiment
RedOrbit - May 29, 2009
Dallas, TEXAS — In 1919, the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) launched an expedition to the West African island of Príncipe, to observe a total solar eclipse and prove or disprove Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Now, in a new RAS-funded expedition for the International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009), scientists are back.

Take two visionary journeys at Museum of Arts and Sciences
Macon Telegraph - May 29, 2009
Macon, GEORGIA — For the next few months, two rather disparate artists have exhibitions at the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Get a Galileoscope! Hurry!
Discover Magazine - May 28, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — A few months ago I wrote about the Galileoscope, a wonderful inexpensively priced telescope that is being produced as part of the International Year of Astronomy. There were some initial problems with shipping, but I have been told that ’scopes are shipping and will be in the hands of eager folks by early June or July latest! Yay!

Paisley Daily Express - May 28, 2009
Paisley, UK — Excited pupils have stars in their eyes after being presented with a free telescope.

Nebraska State Paper - May 28, 2009
Lincoln, NEBRASKA — Mueller Planetarium at the University of Nebraska State Museum announces its summer schedule of shows presented in Nebraska's first fulldome digital projection theater.

Star-studded museum exhibit premiere wows crowds
The Desert Sun - May 28, 2009
La Quinta, CALIFORNIA — The La Quinta Museum's newest exhibit, “400 years of Astronomy,” made its star-studded debut last week — stunning children and adults alike.

Stories from the stars
The Cape Breton Post - May 27, 2009
Sydney, AUSTRALIA — The stars will take centre stage at the 13th annual Cape Breton University Storytelling Symposium early next month.

Stargazing Notes — Your Galileo moment
Penticton Western News - May 27, 2009
Penticton BC, CANADA — This year, in the International Year of Astronomy, we are all working hard not only to let everyone know we are finding out about the universe beyond the Earth, but also to encourage people to get outside and experience astronomy for themselves.

Staring at the Sun, Just as Galileo Did
Discover Magazine - May 27, 2009
Mt. Wilson, CALIFORNIA — As a confessed Galileo groupie, I chose to hold my personal observance of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy on this summit in the San Gabriel Mountains east of Los Angeles. All around the world, astronomy enthusiasts are collaring the uninitiated to look skyward and see the things Galileo saw, from mountains on the moon to the star lanes of the Milky Way. But here at the Mount Wilson Observatory, a few astronomers still pursue an archaic artistic activity that Galileo pioneered: They make daily drawings of sunspots.

Daily Gleaner - May 27, 2009
Fredericton NB, CANADA — Although it was nearly 40 years ago now and I was just a small boy at the time, I can still vividly remember my father waking me up on July 20, 1969 to watch history in the making.

TMCnet - May 26, 2009
Washington, DC — Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to appear today to discuss the President's FY 2010 budget request for NASA.

Zenit News Agency - May 26, 2009
Florence, ITALY — There is a fundamental dialogue between faith and reason, and an international conference on Galileo can serve to prove it, according to the archbishop of Florence.

Mountain Skies Astronomical Society - May 26, 2009
Lake Arrowhead, CALIFORNIA — We attended the Mountain Skies Astronomical Society (MSAS) astronomy night through our homeschooling Charter Sky Mountain.

'Galileo' and 'Bad Astronomer' will help celebrate Astronomy Day
Kalamazoo Gazette - May 26, 2009
Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN — These days whenever Galileo speaks, he prefers to address audiences of both the young and the old.

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