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Scania, Denmark (1546 - 1601)
Tycho Brahe was a Danish nobleman famed for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. Hailing from Scania, then part of Denmark, now part of modern-day Sweden, Brahe was well known in his lifetime as an astronomer and alchemist.

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The Des Moines Register - April 12, 2009
Des Moines, IOWA — Last week, nearly a million people across the world turned telescopes to the stars to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy and Galileo's first close look at the heavens 400 years ago.

Galileo exhibit features marvels of 16th-century science - April 11, 2009
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA — Galileo Galilei's 400-year-old telescope is an unassuming tube of wood, paper and copper, but with it he looked at the moons of Jupiter and changed the nature of his own planet.

The Morning Call - April 11, 2009
Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA — With a lead tube and two pieces of glass, Galileo Galilei radically changed how the world viewed its place in the universe. Using a handmade telescope, probably not much stronger than a pair of present-day binoculars, the 17th century Italian mathematician looked at the sky and made observations of the moon and the planets that ushered in the age of astronomy.

Universe Today - April 10, 2009
USA — A new 60-minute documentary created especially for the International Year of Astronomy is now airing on PBS stations in the US. “400 Years of the Telescope: a journey of science, technology and thought” is a remarkable voyage through space and time, filled with stunning, high-definition footage showing not only images from space taken by observatories around the world, but also the remote and beautiful locations where our eyes on the Universe – our magnificent telescopes – sit.

Around the world in 80 telescopes
Symmetry Breaking - April 10, 2009
Batavia, ILLINOIS — Without leaving your living room, you can get an inside look at the South Pole Telescope, a window to the early universe, that sits within walking distance of geographic bottom of the world, as well as insider views of 79 other renowned research telescopes.

Danbury News Times - April 9, 2009
Ridgefield, CONNECTICUT — Culminating their first season together with Saturday's concert celebrating the International Year of Astronomy, music director Gerald Steichen and the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra irrefutably proved that the sky's the limit.

Seeing stars
Times Online - April 9, 2009
Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA — Look! Up in the sky. Past the birds. Past the planes. Gaze way up there — and out there — into the cosmos where fundamental mysteries of life lay waiting to be unraveled.

Arizona Public Media to Broadcast '400 Years of the Telescope' Friday
University of Arizona News - April 9, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — Arizona Public Media will broadcast "400 Years of the Telescope," an hour-long documentary that celebrates four centuries of astral discoveries, on KUAT6 and HD on Friday at 10 p.m.

400 Years of the Telescope: Friday on PBS
Dean W. Armstrong - April 9, 2009
USA — This such an auspicious year. I watched an interview on Chicago Tonight with one of the creators of "400 Years of the Telescope", to be broadcast on PBS this Friday. Immediately a shot of the Yerkes 40-inch refractor passed by in glorious HD, a scope I am intimately familiar with, and now I am compelled to watch. Friday at 8PM on WTTW.

Looking up
Chico News & Review - April 9, 2009
Chico, CALIFORNIA — Upon entering the foyer of filmmaker Kris Koenig’s Interstellar Studios in north Chico, one is greeted by two shiny, golden Emmy statues proudly displayed inside a glass case.

OU lecture series leaves attendees starstruck
NewsOK - April 9, 2009
Norman, OKLAHOMA — Those who attended the latest installment of University of Oklahoma’s International Year of Astronomy lecture series had stars in their eyes.

JT Irregulars - April 8, 2009
Racine, WISCONSIN — A new special premieres this weekend on PBS called 400 years of the Telescope (check your local listings for times...Friday at 9:00pm on channel 11 from Milwaukee). As you might suspect, this show is part of the International Year of Astronomy celebration.

XMM Newton Looks at Messier 82
SpaceRef - April 8, 2009
USA — ESA's spaceborne X-ray observatory, XMM-Newton, has carried out an exclusive observation of the galaxy Messier 82, for the '100 Hours of Astronomy' cornerstone project for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Chico Enterprise Record - April 8, 2009
Chico, CALIFORNIA — This week, a national documentary made by a local company on the development of the telescope will be broadcast on KIXE Channel 9.

Astronomy - April 8, 2009
USA — Telescopes have extended the human senses to unimaginably distant and inhospitable parts of the universe.

Palomar Skies - April 8, 2009
USA — To continue your celebration of the International Year of Astronomy you should plan on watching 400 Years of the Telescope on PBS.

Star Bulletin - April 8, 2009
Honolulu, HAWAII — This year has been declared the International Year of Astronomy. I am an amateur astronomer and I hope the Big Island of Hawaii will continue to be the world's premier center for astronomy research. Towards this end, I am calling on all interested parties to become astronomy ambassadors.

'400 Years of the Telescope' looks skyward
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - April 8, 2009
Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA — Martin Ratcliffe vividly remembers the awe he experienced the first time he looked through a telescope as a boy in England. Those glimpses helped propel him on a career that has taken him halfway around the world and deep into the universe.

Parkes Champion-Post - April 8, 2009
Parkes NSW, AUSTRALIA — Last weekend's 100 Hours of Astronomy activities were a wonderful success, both in the Central West and around the world.

Have a Cigar! New Observations of Messier 82
Universe Today - April 8, 2009
Vancouver BC, CANADA — ESA’s space-borne X-ray observatory, XMM-Newton, has carried out an exclusive, 50-plus-hour observation of the starburst galaxy Messier 82, for the ‘100 Hours of Astronomy’ cornerstone project for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Henley Standard - April 7, 2009
Henley on Thames, UK — Oxford's Museum of the History of Science in Broad Street will come to life on Saturday, April 4 with Starry Messengers, a day of children’s activities, storytelling, music, talks and much more to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy. - April 6, 2009
USA — The slogan for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy (IYA) proudly states: The Universe is yours to discover. A long list of activities and links on the organization’s website truly brings this slogan to life.

WNCT - April 6, 2009
Greenville, NORTH CAROLINA — It’s an important year for one area of science: astronomy. 400 years ago an Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilee, improved the telescope.

Looking up and beyond the skies
Victoria News - April 6, 2009
Victoria BC, CANADA — Julio Navarro and James Hesser grew up on different continents, but the beauty of the universe attracted them in a similar way.

A Wounded Galaxy Sings With Light
io9 - April 6, 2009
San Francisco, CALIFORNIA — Another galaxy smashed through the heart of the Cartwheel Galaxy 100 million years ago, and today the Cartwheel remains one of the most powerful UV-emitting galaxies near us, as that blue outer ring shows.

The Friday: 400 Years of the Telescope
Professor Astronomy - April 6, 2009
USA — This Friday (April 10) at 10pm Eastern/Pacific, 9 Central, PBS will air a new high-def documentary called 400 Years of the Telescope, a production by Interstellar Studios created as part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

New University - April 6, 2009
Irvine, CALIFORNIA — While posters, banners, tents and other miscellaneous promotional materials garnered attention for various organizations on Ring Road during the first week of spring quarter, individuals flocked to another part of UC Irvine that was almost in total darkness.

The Lantern - April 6, 2009
Columbus, OHIO — A crowd of more than 200 people arrived on the roof of Smith Lab on Saturday evening to experience the sights of the night sky through a telescope. This public star party was hosted by the Department of Astronomy at Ohio State in order to participate in the 100 Hours of Astronomy event.

Connecting with stars
MetroNews - April 5, 2009
Halifax, CANADA — Stargazers wrapped up 100 soggy hours of astronomy yesterday, ending with a telescope clinic at Halifax’s Dresden Row Market.

YSU Astronomy Celebration
WYTV - April 5, 2009
Youngstown, OHIO — Youngstown State University is giving Valley residents a chance to experience astronomy this weekend.

Malaysia Star - April 5, 2009
MALAYSIA — The United Nations has declared 2009 International Year of Astronomy, and an exhibition in Florence, Italy, pays tribute to a man who dedicated his life to studying the sun, moon and stars. - April 4, 2009
USA — When I was 12, I sold garden seeds from my bicycle door-to-door in a small Oklahoma town. When the task was done, I had earned $18.00. I thereupon took my windfall down to a local store and bought a 3” reflecting telescope.

Thaindian News - April 4, 2009
New Delhi, INDIA — Jantar Mantar, the 18th century observatory in the heart of the capital, was crowded with young students Saturday as they got together to learn the use of astronomical instruments and celebrate 2009 as the international year of astronomy.

The Chronicle Herald - April 4, 2009
Nova Scotia, CANADA — Darkness has a bad rap. When the hapless victim expires in a horror movie, it’s usually not during a cheery daylight scene.

The Boston Globe - April 4, 2009
Boston, MASSACHUSETTS — As twilight descends this evening, shining high in the southeast will be the moon and Saturn. These are the two biggest crowd-pleasers for wowing people with a telescope.

100 Hours Of Astronomy: Worldwide Astronomy Marathon Set To Break Records
ScienceDaily - April 3, 2009
USA — The International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone project, 100 Hours of Astronomy, is on track to be the largest single science public outreach event ever. More than 1500 events have been registered in over 130 countries and this number is increasing every day. 100 Hours of Astronomy is a truly global project; an event on a scale never attempted before, with more than one million people expected to participate.

Enlightenment through darkness in Pyrenees mountains
AFP - April 3, 2009
Pic du Midi, FRANCE — France aims to set up Europe's first "anti light-pollution reserve" to help preserve the night sky for a historic observatory in the Pyrenees, it was announced here Friday.

Looking Up: International Year of Astronomy inspires us to look up at the star
The Holland Sentinel - April 3, 2009
Holland, MICHIGAN — The starry host above our heads is being celebrated worldwide at public events this year under the banner International Year of Astronomy 2009. This promotion has been put forth by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the world’s largest professional organization of astronomers, with nearly 10,000 members.

The Capital - April 3, 2009
Annapolis, MARYLAND — To mark the International Year of Astronomy, local stargazers are planning a series of events tomorrow with the goal of getting more people to go outside and look up at the sky.

Hubble Celebrates the International Year of Astronomy with the Galaxy Triplet Arp 274
Newswise Science News - April 3, 2009
Washington, DC — On April 1-2, the Hubble Space Telescope photographed the winning target in the Space Telescope Science Institute's "You Decide" competition in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA).

This is Somerset - April 3, 2009
Langford, UK — Youngsters are taking a closer look at the night sky thanks to a new telescope at Huish Episcopi School and Science College in Langport.

University of Colorado Boulder - April 3, 2009
Boulder, COLORADO — Fiske Planetarium and Sommers-Bausch Observatory will celebrate National Astronomy Day on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus on Saturday, April 11, with an array of hands-on and family-oriented activities.

PBS documentary turns lens on 400 years of telescope
Pittsburgh Tribune - April 3, 2009
Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA — He filmed the world's most powerful telescopes on five continents. But what really moved Kris Koenig was looking through the primitive instrument that started it all.

400 Years of the Telescope
The Space Elevator Blog - April 3, 2009
USA — While this isn’t exactly a Space-Elevator related post, it ranks pretty high on my cool-o-meter and I thought I would pass it along to my readers…

KPIX TV - April 3, 2009
Berkeley, CALIFORNIA — A 20-minute online tour of two of the University of California at Berkeley's space missions will be part of a live, 24-hour webcast marathon today.

Tuscaloosa News - April 3, 2009
Tuscaloosa, ALABAMA — People have always stared into space and wondered if mankind is alone in the universe. When stargazers gather at the University of Alabama’s Gallalee Hall for an astronomy viewing tonight, they will have company.

Celestial celebration - April 3, 2009
Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA — Close your eyes for just a moment and picture the night sky. Then think about our early ancestors and the mysteries they must have pondered as they gazed upward at the stars.

Times of India - April 3, 2009
Chennai, INDIA — Youngsters dominated the gathering but there were also some nine-year-olds and senior citizens at the 100 hours of astronomy' campaign at the Birla Planetarium.

The Huntsville Item - April 2, 2009
Huntsville, TEXAS — The Huntsville Amateur Astronomy Society will host a sidewalk astronomy event in the Hastings parking lot tonight from 7-10 p.m.

Looking beyond into the skies
Victoria News - April 2, 2009
Victoria BC, CANADA — Julio Navarro and James Hesser may have grown up on different continents, but the beauty of the universe attracted them in a very similar way.

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