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Poland (1473 - 1543)
Nicolaus Copernicus was the first astronomer to formulate a scientifically based heliocentric cosmology that displaced the Earth from the center of the universe. His epochal book, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres), is often regarded as the starting point of modern astronomy and the defining epiphany that began the Scientific Revolution.

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Courier Connection - March 26, 2009
Biddeford, MAINE — If you think things on Earth are not looking so good right now, then do what the ancient Mayans and Greeks would do – look up, way, way up.

Pioneer Press - March 26, 2009
Clarendon Hills, ILLINOIS — Scores of people came out to Memorial Hall's front lawn last Friday night--spring's first evening--to observe The Pleiades, Alcor and Miza, Rigel and Betelgeuse, Praesepe and Saturn and its moons.

Palomar Observatory Is Last Stop on 24-Hour Webcast Linking Telescopes Around the Globe and in Space
National Science Foundation - March 25, 2009
Palomar Mountain, CALIFORNIA — Around the World in 80 Telescopes, part of the International Year of Astronomy's 100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project of global outreach activities, will begin on April 3.

The Holland Sentinel - March 25, 2009
Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN — There is no better time to get acquainted with astronomy and explore the majestic and mysterious universe around us.

Iowa City Press Citizen - March 25, 2009
Iowa City, IOWA — The UI series of free, public lectures celebrating the International Year of Astronomy 2009 will continue with a talk by Robert Mutel, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, at 7 p.m. today in Lecture Room 1 of Van Allen Hall.

Tasmanian Government Press Release - March 25, 2009
Hobart, AUSTRALIA — Tasmanians are urged to take positive climate change action by switching off their lights this Saturday and taking a different look at the night sky without light pollution.

Cherokeean Herald - March 25, 2009
Nacogdoches, TEXAS — The Stephen F. Austin State University Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Teaching Excellence Center will host a lecture and stargazing reception at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 31, in the Nursing and Math Building, Room 101.

SSU Participates in worldwide celebration
Sonoma State Star - March 24, 2009
Sonoma, CALIFORNIA — "100 Hours of Astronomy" is an upcoming international event held April 2 through 5 that will celebrate the 400th anniversary since Galileo first used the telescope to study the skies.

Back to the Future
TV Technology - March 24, 2009
Chico, CALIFORNIA — The camera has taken the production world by storm in recent years for its high resolution, versatility and cost effectiveness. Now, the next event that marks the rise of the RED ONE is about to occur.

The Morning Call - March 24, 2009
Emmaus, PENNSYLVANIA — An Emmaus man will share his expertise on the moon in a podcast Wednesday that is part of the International Year of Astronomy.

Asheville Citizen Times - March 24, 2009
Asheville, NORTH CAROLINA — The Universe is yours to discover at two star gazing events celebrating the International Year of Astronomy.

British astrophysicist, Advanced Studies fellow speaks tonight
IU News - March 24, 2009
Bloomington, INDIANA — The Indiana University Institute for Advanced Study tonight (March 24) welcomes to the podium astrophysicist Thomas Hartquist, an institute Visiting Fellow from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Saturn plays the star in celestial show this week
Charlotte Observer - March 24, 2009
Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA — We continue our celebration of the International Year of Astronomy by zooming in on one of Galileo's many discoveries made 400 years ago.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Guelph Mercury - March 24, 2009
Guelph, CANADA — The stars have aligned for Diane Nalini as her two loves -- science and music -- have finally come together.

Galileo: Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope Opened at Palazzo Strozzi - March 24, 2009
Florence, ITALY — Galileo’s first celestial discoveries date to exactly 400 years ago, and to mark this fourth centenary the United Nations has declared 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

The Journal - March 24, 2009
Hedgesville, WEST VIRGINIA — Berkeley County Planetarium will be presenting the International Year of Astronomy Documentary "400 Years of the Telescope: A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought" at 7 p.m. March 30 in the planetarium at Hedgesville High School, 109 Ridge Road. The program is free and open to the public.

Star gazing in Brisbane
Northside Chronicle - March 24, 2009
Brisbane, AUSTRALIA — Gaze into the universe at Brisbane City Council’s Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and be part of the 100 hours of Astronomy worldwide event.

Pasadena Star-News - March 23, 2009
San Marino, CALIFORNIA — To help mark the International Year of Astronomy, the Crowell Public Library, 1890 Huntington Drive, will hold a Sidewalk Astronomers program, starting at 7 p.m. April 2.

University of Louisville - March 23, 2009
Louisville, KENTUCKY — The Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium at the University of Louisville is celebrating its 47th birthday and — in lieu of birthday cake — will give everyone who attends its April 4 birthday celebration a moon pie (while supplies last) and a chance to win a beginner’s astronomy kit.

The Daily Independent - March 23, 2009
Portsmouth, OHIO — Shawnee State University's Clyde W. Clark Planetarium and the Ohio Valley Astronomical Society are celebrating the International Year of Astronomy commemorating the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's use of a telescope and Johannes Kepler's publication of Astronomia Nova.

Tales of space rides put stars in kids' eyes
Ventura County Star - March 23, 2009
Thousand Oaks, CALIFORNIA — “Start your engines. Fire up your dreams. You’re about to meet an astronaut,” said the announcer.

Elm Road Elementary students measure light pollution
WNDU - March 22, 2009
Michiana, INDIANA — 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, and Penn-Harris-Madison schools are celebrating the year with a project called "Let There Be Night."

Salt Lake Tribune - March 22, 2009
Salt Lake City, UTAH — The north pole of Saturn has a constant hurricane located above it. If you were to stand in its eye and look up, you'd see what's equivalent to the Northern Lights on Earth.

Times of India - March 21, 2009
Ahmedabad, INDIA — The sun is 3,30,330 times larger than the earth! The sun has an expected lifetime of about 11 billion years and it takes only eight

Telescope Offers Closer View of Space Phenomena
Smith College News - March 20, 2009
Northampton, MASSACHUSSETTS — It’s International Astronomy Year and, fittingly, a new telescope just arrived in Smith’s astronomy department that will enable direct views of distant galaxies, rings and satellites around Saturn, surface features on Mars and much more.

Berthoud Recorder - March 20, 2009
Berthoud, COLORADO — This year is the International Year of Astronomy, celebrating 400 years since Galileo first looked through his telescope at the universe.

World's Best Stargazing Sites, Revealed by You
National Geographic - March 20, 2009
Washington, DC — A worldwide star-counting program is hoping to conquer light pollution.

TransWorldNews - March 20, 2009
Fountain Valley, CALIFORNIA — Today, GRAS announced a exciting FREE offer; anyone, with an Internet connected computer, located anywhere on the Earth, will be granted free access to a GRAS remote Telescope.

The Jerusalem Post - March 19, 2009
Jerusalem, ISRAEL — This year is going to be different. It's in the stars. I'm not thinking about some cosmic force, but this has been declared the International Year of Astronomy - 'shnat ha'astronomia habeinleumit' - by UNESCO and the IAU (International Astronomical Union) and it's making a lot of people literally look up.

Asheville Citizen Times - March 19, 2009
Nebo, NORTH CAROLINA — Lake James State Park will offer a series of astronomy programs this year in conjunction with 2009 International Year of Astronomy. This year marks the 400th Anniversary of Galileo's first look at the heavens with a telescope in 1609.

Knoxville News Sentinel - March 19, 2009
Knoxville, TENNESSEE — As the world celebrates the International Year of Astronomy, it also has the opportunity to enjoy one of the most stunning of celestial delights - Saturn.

Planetarium celebrates dark-skies at earth hour event
University of Nevada - March 19, 2009
Reno, NEVADA — From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time worldwide on March 28, as many as 1 billion individuals and organizations will turn off their lights as part of Earth Hour, a global initiative led by the World Wildlife Fund.

The News Herald - March 18, 2009
Morganton, NORTH CAROLINA — Kick back, relax and spend an evening exploring the night sky this Saturday when Lake James State Park's astronomy series begins. - March 18, 2009
Greenbelt, MARYLAND — NASA scientists will reveal new information and images about our sun and its influence on Earth and the solar system for Sun-Earth Day, recognized each year in conjunction with the spring equinox.

Exeter News - March 18, 2009
Exeter, UK — Exeter residents are being offered the chance to take a closer look at outer space.

Times-Journal - March 18, 2009
Jackson, OHIO — Shawnee State University’s Clyde W. Clark Planetarium in conjunction with the Ohio Valley Astronomical Society, is celebrating the International Year of Astronomy...

Celebrating the Year of Astronomy
South Bergenite - March 18, 2009
Rutherford, NEW JERSEY — It was 400 years ago, in 1609, that the Italian philosopher and scientist Galileo Galilei built his own, improved version of the "spyglasses" designed and built the previous year in the Netherlands, and turned it skyward. Galileo called his instrument the "perspicillum". Today we know it as the telescope.

Stars Align for Earth Hour 2009
GenQ - March 17, 2009
Sydney, AUSTRALIA — Australians have another reason to switch off their lights for Earth Hour - Saturday, 28 March, at 8.30pm - the chance for a once-a-year view of the heavens.

UNESCO - March 17, 2009
Moscow, RUSSIA — Recognizing the high importance of astronomy for the global society, the United Nations General Assembly on the initiative of the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO proclaimed the year 2009 to be the International Year of Astronomy (IYA-2009).

Shoot for the stars at the Goddard Space Flight Center - March 17, 2009
Greenbelt, MARYLAND — This has been an exciting week for NASA as the Space Shuttle Discovery shot into the heavens after a spectacular night launch. Later today the Discovery is slated to dock at the International Space Station. Their mission is to deliver supplies and equipment as well as continue to construct and expand the current space station.

HULIQ - March 17, 2009
Cork, IRELAND — Over three days on the Grand Parade, overlooking the River Lee, mayhem and colour will be set loose, with musicians, food, street performers, and fun.

Naar de sterren bij Holland Doc
Nova - March 17, 2009
NETHERLANDS — n 1609 deed Galileo Galilei zijn eerste waarneming met een telescoop. Hij kon objecten zo’n 20 maal vergroten. Nu, 400 jaar later, gebruiken we telescopen om naar de grenzen van het heelal te kijken.

Perth Now - March 17, 2009
Perth, AUSTRALIA — To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, Scitech combines indigenous legends with astronomy, food and wine.

Art Daily - March 17, 2009
London, ENGLAND — A newly-commissioned painted portrait of the Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees, Baron Rees, President of the Royal Society, will form the focus of a display to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy.

Take a virtual trip to the stars via computer technology
The Daily Courier - March 16, 2009
Prescott, ARIZONA — Prescott Astronomy Club member John Carter gets to travel to other planets just like the fictional "John Carter of Mars" does in the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series of novels.

Media Newswire - March 16, 2009
Yorkshire, UK — In partnership with the University of Sheffield and the Yorkshire Planetarium, the University is staging Dark Sky Yorkshire, a roadshow that will travel across the region in 2009 working from six venues, including the Yorkshire Air Museum and Ryedale Folk Museum.

SpaceRef - March 16, 2009
Moffett Field, CALIFORNIA — News media are invited to attend an opening ceremony for the new International Year of Astronomy exhibit entitled "From Earth to the Universe" and interview NASA officials at NASA Ames Research Center on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

Science Centric - March 16, 2009
Sofia, BULGARIA — GLOBE at night, the international star-counting programme, starts today, 16 March, 2009, a key activity during this International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009).

Carson Times - March 15, 2009
Reno, NEVADA — Earth's moon and the other moons of the solar system will be discussed from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Monday at the Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences at Sierra Nevada College, 291 Country Club Drive, Incline Village.

VIDEO: Astronomy Feature - Studying the universe at Hawaii's Keck Observatory
Big Island Video News - March 15, 2009
Hilo, HAWAII — 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, and Big Island Video News recently had an opportunity to observe the observers at the W.M. Keck Observatory.

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