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Genoa, Italy (1625 - 1712)
Giovanni Domenico Cassini was an Italian mathematician, astronomer, engineer, and astrologer. Cassini was an astronomer at the Panzano Observatory, from 1648 to 1669, professor of astronomy at the University of Bologna and became, in 1671, director of the Paris Observatory. Along with Robert Hooke, Cassini is given credit for the discovery of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter (ca. 1665). Cassini was the first to observe four of Saturn's moons, which he called Sidera Lodoicea. Around 1690, Cassini was the first to observe differential rotation within Jupiter's atmosphere.

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Earth and Space school reaches community with meteorite dig - October 5, 2009
Phoenix, ARIZONA — More than 500 eager children and parents skittered into Christown Spectrum Mall in Phoenix Saturday morning to eat freeze-dried ice cream, do a meteorite dig and view The World at Night, an international cosmic-themed photography exhibit.

17th-century Brueghel paintings trace the early, mysterious history of the telescope
Scientific American - October 5, 2009
Trieste, ITALY — Thanks to the much-heralded International Year of Astronomy, this much we know: Galileo used a telescope to observe the moon in 1609.

The GalileoMobile starts its South American voyage - October 5, 2009
Antofagasta, CHILE — The GalileoMobile is a Special Project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009), which is a global celebration commemorating the first use of a telescope to view the Universe by the Italian astronomer Galileo four hundred years ago.

Washington Museum Opens Observatory to Public
VOA News - October 5, 2009
Washington, DC — One of the world's most popular museums has gotten an upgrade. Washington's National Air and Space Museum has added an observatory where visitors can get a first-hand look at the Sun, the moon, and the planets.

Dome boost for historic telescope
BBC News - October 5, 2009
North Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND — A 19th Century telescope which was once at the forefront of space exploration is set for a new lease of life at its home in North Lanarkshire.

Orpington Astronomical Society to lay on space celebration
This is Local London - October 4, 2009
London, ENGLAND — Stargazers will be able to get a glimpse of space during a fortnight of events at a library.

The Daily Eastern News - October 2, 2009
Charleston, ILLINOIS — The stars have aligned. Since this year is the 400th anniversary of Galileo and the 40th anniversary of man first landing on the moon, two years ago the United Nations declared 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

Get Ready for
Sky & Telescope - October 1, 2009
USA — The International Year of Astronomy is still in full swing, though many of the celebration's signature events have already come and gone. - October 1, 2009
Geneva, SWITZERLAND — Four hundred years ago, Galileo was the first one to look at the sky with a telescope.

The Liberal - October 1, 2009
Richmond Hill ON, CANADA — A commemorative stamp featuring the David Dunlap Observatory is now available through Canada Post.

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