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Hanover, Germany (/1750/ - /1848/)
Hermana de Sir William Herschel. Su contribución más importante a la astronomía fue el descubrimiento de varios cometas, incluyendo el 35P/Herschel-Rigollet. Caroline Herschel se inspiró gracias al trabajo de Wiliam con el telescopio y fue por mucho tiempo la colaboradora de su famoso hermano y sobrino Sir John Herschel.

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Courier-Journal - November 27, 2009
Cincinnati, OHIO — Madcap Productions Puppet Theatre and its cast of giant, Muppet-esque puppets are celebrating the International Year of Astronomy and the 400th anniversary of Italian astronomer Galileo's telescope debut with a production of “Look Out Galileo!”

New Scientist - November 27, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — Philip Glass's new opera, Kepler, inspired by the life and scientific contributions of Renaissance astronomer Johannes Kepler, premiered in the US at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in New York last week.

'Blue moon' term not really about color
Fayetteville Observer - November 26, 2009
Fayetteville, NORTH CAROLINA — It happens every 29 1/2 days. The moon swings opposite the sun in our skies. Sunlight hits the moon straight on from our earthly perspective, which causes the moon to appear full.

PRNewswire - November 26, 2009
Paris, FRANCE — Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, permanent representative of the Republic of Uzbekistan to UNESCO and founder of Fund Uzbekistan 2020, opened today, the International Astronomy Conference held in Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris - CNRS, "A tribute to the Uzbek astronomer Mirzo Ulughbeg".

Salisbury Post - November 25, 2009
Salisbury, NORTH CAROLINA — The Margaret C. Woodson Planetarium at Horizons Unlimited will take visitors on a journey to the center of the galaxy when it unveils unprecedented mural-sized images of the Milky Way's core as seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Into the Milky Way
The Prairie - November 25, 2009
Orland Park, ILLINOIS — Visitors to the Orland Park Public Library traveled to the Milky Way Galaxy and Saturn on Wednesday, Nov. 18, a the library unveiled mural-sized images of the Milky Way Galaxy from NASA's Great Observatories.

Tidelines festival focus
The Manly Daily - November 23, 2009
Manly NSW, AUSTRALIA — Discover the effects of the moon and the sun on our tides during this year’s Manly Ocean Care Day Festival.

Porlock astronomy event draws in the crowds
This is the West Country - November 23, 2009
Porlock, UK — People rocketed down to Porlock on Saturday for an event of astronomical proportions.

The Christian Post - November 22, 2009
VATICAN CITY — The Pontifical Academy of Science recently hosted a gathering leading scientists from around the world to assess the most recent research on life in the universe and to discuss the possibility of life on other planets.

Express Buzz - November 22, 2009
Thiruvananthapuram, INDIA — The two-day camp to get familiarise solar system among students began at the Kerala State Science and Technology museum here on Saturday.

Peninsula Clarion - November 20, 2009
Kenai, ALASKA — The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska (CLCA) will be holding a star party today and unveiling new and never before seen mural-sized images of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Press & Sun-Bulletin - November 20, 2009
Binghamton, NEW YORK — Kopernik Observatory & Science Education Center will celebrate the international “Year of Astronomy” by unveiling new mural-sized images from NASA’s observatories today at its facility on Underwood Road in Vestal.

Binary systems share stardust
Institute of Physics - November 19, 2009
Bristol, UK — Telescopes now routinely yield detailed images of the cosmos, and in the process help unravel some of the mysteries surrounding our own existence.

The Castlegar Source - November 19, 2009
Castlegar BC, CANADA — One hundred of the Kootenays' finest young minds recently put their brain power into action as part of Kootenay Contraption contest.

Colder nights bring clearer skies, ideal for gazing at stars, planets
Daily Record - November 19, 2009
Morristown, NEW JERSEY — Many of us can remember as kids lying on a blanket in the back yard or an open field and looking up at the sky to see the stars. It felt magical, as if we were at one with the universe.

Press Trust of India - November 18, 2009
New Delhi, INDIA — An astro-fortnight celebrating the International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009) got off to a scintillating start here as space enthusiasts listened to fusion music by an Indian vocalist and an Italian violinist.

Unseen images of deep space unveiled at King Library
Spartan Daily - November 18, 2009
San Jose, CALIFORNIA — The collective sound of wows and astonished gasps filled the Fourth Street lobby of the King Library on Monday afternoon.

Indian Express - November 18, 2009
Pune, INDIA — The year 2009 is being celebrated as the International year of astronomy by UNESCO and IAU (International Astronomical Union) as it marks the 400 years of the first use of a telescope by Galileo that eventually led to a scientific revolution.

RF Globalnet - November 18, 2009
GLOBAL — Astronomers will tie together the largest collection of the world's radio telescopes ever assembled to work as a single observing tool in a project aimed at improving the precision of the reference frame scientists use to measure positions in the sky.

NewsTimes - November 17, 2009
New Haven, CONNECTICUT — Is there life on other planets? It's a question that everyone from scientists to ordinary citizens has been asking for generations.

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