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The Hague, Netherlands (/1629/ - /1695/)
Utilizando el Observatorio de Paris (terminado en 1972), Christiaan Huygens hizo profundas abservaciones astronómicas. En 1684 publicó el libro titulado "Astroscopia Compendiaria" que presentaba su nuevo telescopio aerial.

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The Camrose Canadian - September 16, 2009
Camrose AB, CANADA — September is one of the best months for stargazing since nights become longer and the warmth of summer lingers into the fall evenings. With autumn officially beginning on Sept. 22, we reflect on the changing seasons.

Astronomy’s stars come out for festival
Hi-Desert Star - September 16, 2009
Yucca Valley, CALIFORNIA — The International Year of Astronomy comes to town Saturday as part of Yucca Valley’s 13th annual Starry Nights Festival.

UA astronomers present ‘whole rest of the universe’ free of charge
Daily Wildcat - September 15, 2009
Tucson, ARIZONA — Triangulum galaxies. Shooting stars. The birth of supernovas. Cracking Einstein’s Code. These topics and more will be revealed to lecture-goers in the semester-long speaker series at Steward Observatory.

Astro Art: Artist Creates Portrait Gallery of Astronomers
Universe Today - September 15, 2009
Biloxi, MISSISSIPPI — Art and astronomy often intersect, and it's wonderful when art can provide an emotional connection to science. Amateur astronomer and artist Sayward Duffano has captured the personalities of several astronomers through history as well as individuals in astronomy related fields in a gallery of paintings she created especially for the International Year of Astronomy.

Space Photographer of the Year 2009
Londonist - September 15, 2009
Greenwich, UK — The Space Photographer of the Year 2009 results were announced last week and having had a sneak peek at some of the entries we couldn't wait to get the Royal Observatory and see the winners and judges favourites.

Bay View Compass - September 14, 2009
West Allis, WISCONSIN — Get ready for a stargazing extravaganza on the nights of September 25 and 26! Planetariums, astronomy clubs and stellar enthusiasts all across southeast Wisconsin will come together with 100 telescopes in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy. - September 14, 2009
San Antonio, TEXAS — Trinity University will observe 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy with two lectures about planets — one on September 22 about Mars and one on October 20 about Saturn.

GigaGalaxy Zoom - Panoramic View Of Entire Night Sky
redOrbit - September 14, 2009
Paranal, CHILE — The first of three images of ESO's GigaGalaxy Zoom project — a new magnificent 800-million-pixel panorama of the entire sky as seen from ESO’s observing sites in Chile — has just been released online.

Canoe - Slam! - September 13, 2009
Calgary AB, CANADA — Telescopes are usually used for spying objects in the sky you can't see with the naked eye.

British Science Festival: Knowledge For All
Islam Online - September 13, 2009
Guildford, UK — The British Science Festival is an annual event bringing together some of the best of what Britain has to offer, this year the festival was hosted by the University of Surrey and took place during the time from 5 to 10 September.

The Beautiful Universe Astronomy Quiz
New York Times - September 11, 2009
New York, NEW YORK — We have a new astronomy quiz for you, complete with some of the most gorgeous images in the universe.

Milagres College Celebrates ‘International Year of Astronomy’ - September 11, 2009
Udupi, INDIA — The ‘International Year of Astronomy’ was celebrated in Milagres College in association with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. Dr S Chatterji from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, was the resource person.

Images of the heavens highlight Kingston Symphony concert
Kingston This Week - September 10, 2009
Kingston ON, CANADA — The Kingston Symphony kicks off their 2009-2010 season with two special concerts at the Grand Theatre at 8 p.m., on Saturday, Sept. 19 and 2:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 20.

AScribe - September 10, 2009
Oakland, CALIFORNIA — Chabot Space & Science Center is partnering with Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork, Ireland, for "Web of Stars," a unique pilot remote astronomy project, designed to teach astronomy using a live video link.

Astronomers gather in Millbrae
San Francisco Chronicle - September 10, 2009
Millbrae, CALIFORNIA — Amateur and professional astronomers will meet in Millbrae this weekend and offer the public a chance to peer through telescopes and hear leading sky-watchers discuss some of the most important astronomical and space events in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy - a program organized by the United Nations and the International Astronomical Union.

Sen. Mikulski Unveils First Images From Rejuvenated Hubble
PRNewswire - September 9, 2009
Washington, DC — Astronomers declared NASA's Hubble Space Telescope a fully rejuvenated observatory with the release Wednesday of observations from four of its six operating science instruments. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, D-Md., unveiled the images at NASA Headquarters in Washington. - September 8, 2009
Phoenix, ARIZONA — Celestial sights including Jupiter and its moons will come into focus through telescopes set up for public viewing at Arizona State University’s West campus from 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 15.

Discover Magazine - September 8, 2009
Atlanta, GEORGIA — I know that title may take a moment to parse, but what it means is that the podcast 365 Days of Astronomy just won the Parsec, an annual award for podcasts!

Galileo lecture at UH Mānoa's Hamilton Bridge Gallery on Sept. 10
UH Manoa - September 8, 2009
Manoa, HAWAII — This year celebrates the 400th anniversary of the use of telescopes for viewing the universe. On August 25, 1609, Galileo Galilei first demonstrated his telescope for Venetian lawmakers.

UH Manoa - September 8, 2009
Manoa, HAWAII — The UH Institute for Astronomy and the UHM Library present the exhibit “The Universe: Yours to Discover” in the Hamilton Bridge Gallery, September 10 through December 18, in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, a global event to encourage all people to rediscover their place in the Universe by viewing the night sky.

365 Days of Astronomy Podcast Wins Award
Universe Today - September 8, 2009
Atlanta, GEORGIA — The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast has been awarded the 2009 Parsec Award for the Best "Infotainment" podcast. The award was presented at the Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta, Georgia on September 5, 2009.

Experts head to British Science Festival
Sideways News - September 7, 2009
Guildford, UK — The annual British Science Festival kicked off on Saturday (5th September) and promises a week of debate, hands-on science experiments and new discoveries.

BBC News - September 7, 2009
Edinburgh, UK — The British Science Festival, one of Europe's largest science festivals is marking the International Year of Astronomy by looking at the contributions female astronomers have made.

Photographers aim high for observatory challenge
The Wharf - September 7, 2009
Greenwich, UK — Greenwich's Royal Observatory is set to announce the winners of its search for the most striking amateur snap of the cosmos.

The Shetland Times - September 7, 2009
Gremista, SCOTLAND — The skies are darkening again; the natural light that covers the stars in summer is receding. Now we just have to contend with the light pollution we produce ourselves.

The Bellingham Herald - September 6, 2009
Bellingham, WASHINGTON — Richard Just loves to share stories of the historic events he has seen.

Telegraph-Journal - September 5, 2009
New Brunswick, CANADA — A common highlight of nature excursions near New Brunswick waterways is seeing an eagle soaring overhead. On clear nights in summer and autumn Aquila the eagle can be seen swooping along the milky river of the night sky.

The Chronicle Herald - September 5, 2009
Halifax NS, CANADA — On the evening of Jan. 7, 1610, the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei took out the latest version of his homemade telescope and pointed it at the planet Jupiter.

Life and art in the sky, Part 3 - more thoughts on Aboriginal astronomy
The Northern Myth - September 5, 2009
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA — As I write this the full(ish) moon sinks large and bright into the west and Venus the morning star shines from above a lightening band of the faintest blue to the east.

Starting september: 'Galileo, Venezia e la Luna' - September 3, 2009
Venice, ITALY — The show entitled “Galileo, Venezia e la Luna” (Galileo, Venice, and the moon) covers a great deal of ground, rising from the Venetian Adriatic to the Cima Ekar ridge on the Asiago highland – from Galileo’s observations of the moon to one of the biggest Italian telescopes in modern astronomical research.

Space photography exhibit celebrates year of astronomy - September 3, 2009
Sun City, ARIZONA — In honor of the International Year of Astronomy, an exhibit of space photography will be on display at the Inn at Freedom Plaza today through Sept. 11.

Kendal Astronomer - September 2, 2009
Kendal Lake District, UK — August the 25th is quite an ostentatious date for the telescope. Two events hit on that date that have repercussions even now.

Allen Memorial Art Museum Explores Astronomy in Art and African Sculptures in New Exhibitions
Art Daily - September 1, 2009
Oberlin, OHIO — The Allen Memorial Art Museum opens two exhibitions today, the first shows sculpture from Africa and the second explores astronomy in art.

The Witchita Eagle - September 1, 2009
Witchita, KANSAS — Old Town has long offered a mix of bars, restaurants, museums and retail shops. And now it has a planetarium.

Time for star gazing
Deccan Herald - September 1, 2009
Bangalore, INDIA — Astronomy India wants to acquire research time on one of the three best optical telescopes being built around the world, by the end of this year, which also marks the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first use of an astronomical telescope, writes Venkat Srinivasan

Bareket Observatory Celebrates International Year Of Astronomy
Universe Today - August 31, 2009
ISRAEL — The Bareket Observatory in Israel just did something really remarkable – they celebrated the International Year of Astronomy with a live webcast for the entire world!

AJC - August 30, 2009
Sandy Springs, GEORGIA — Recently, as I sat in the airport waiting for my flight to be delayed, I read a USA Today article titled: “Panel: NASA needs to do more to spot killer asteroids.”

Journal Sentinel - August 29, 2009
Madison, WISCONSIN — Madison is a lively place to visit any time of year, but this back-to-school season in late summer and early fall is especially energizing.

The News-Times - August 29, 2009
Danbury, CONNECTICUT — On Aug. 25, 1609, Galileo Galilei climbed to the top of the bell tower of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice and showed the leaders of that glorious city-state something new -- a telescope, that brought distance objects closer to view.

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year
Times Online - August 29, 2009
London, ENGLAND — Space is mindboggling, awesome and scary, as a new competition for astronomy photographer of the year shows. Prepare to be dazzled.

Times of India - August 29, 2009
Bangalore, INDIA — 'Science In Action -- Astronomy', an exhibition held at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on Friday, saw 25 schools participating.

Dr. Phil and Dr. Pam host a Star Party - August 28, 2009
Atlanta, GEORGIA — Atlanta area amateur astronomers and fans of the cosmos have an interesting opportunity next week. On September 3rd the Atlanta Skeptics are holding a Star Party which will be hosted by Dr. Phil Plait and Dr. Pamela Gay.

Naked eye astronomy
BBC News - August 28, 2009
UK — Galileo first turned his telescope to the skies 400 years ago. But even those without fancy equipment can watch the stars - here are five notable formations to look for.

Telegraph-Journal - August 28, 2009
Oromocto NB, CANADA — When Don Kelly set out to write Mary Lou's New Telescope, he simply wanted to share his love of astronomy and foster a new generation of stargazers.

Picking the year’s top astronomy stories
Astronomy Magazine - August 27, 2009
Washington, DC — Each year Astronomy magazine publishes an article highlighting what we consider the top 10 astronomy stories of the previous year.

Evening News 24 - August 27, 2009
Norwich, ENGLAND — Mark Thompson has had stars in his eyes since he was 10 years old and first spotted Saturn's mysterious rings through a telescope.

Fayetteville Observer - August 27, 2009
Fayetteville, NORTH CAROLINA — Even though it's nearly a half billion miles away, the largest planet in our solar system is making its presence known.

The - August 27, 2009
Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA — Carnegie Science Center announced plans for the development of a permanent astronomy exhibition featuring the historic Zeiss II Planetarium Star Projector from the Theater of the Stars in the former Buhl Science Center.

A new view of the universe
Keremeos Review - August 27, 2009
Penticton BC, CANADA — 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, and DRAO invites you to their 13th Open House on Saturday, September 26, to help celebrate!

Science with a side of scandal
The Prague Post - August 26, 2009
Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC — A new museum and conference look at the life's work of Kepler, the death of his greatest collaborator sparks intrigue.

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