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USA (1868 - 1938)
George Ellery Hale was an American solar astronomer, born in Chicago. He was educated at MIT, at the Observatory of Harvard College, (1889-90), and at Berlin (1893-94). As an undergraduate at MIT, he invented the spectroheliograph, with which he made his discoveries of the solar vortices and magnetic fields of sun spots.

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MOONWATCH, Explore the moon from the comfort of your home!
TransWorldNews - October 26, 2009
GLOBAL — Join Astronomy.FM, in cooperation with astronomers around the world, as we broadcast an International Year of Astronomy special event: MOONWATCH!

Stargazer sky high after White House visit
Chico Enterprise-Record - October 26, 2009
Chico, CALIFORNIA — A local from the Kiwanis Chico Community Observatory recently came back from Washington D.C. after being invited to a "Star Party" at the White House.

The Press and Journal - October 26, 2009
Moray, UK — Moray children have been reaching for the stars at an astronomy day.

Galileo block party
Big Island Video News - October 25, 2009
Mauna Kea, HAWAII — The local community joined the observatories at Mauna Kea and `Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii at Hilo's "Astronomy Row" to commemorate the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

The Times of India - October 24, 2009
Pune, INDIA — Astronomy enthusiasts in the city will celebrate ‘Galilean nights’ on Saturday night during which they will be observe the objects that

One Minion's Opinion - October 23, 2009
Saskatoon, CANADA — I only find these things out when the year is nearly done for some reason. Ah well. Better late than miss it altogether.

Astronomy.FM and Global-Rent-A-Scope Partner for Three-Day Galilean Nights Promotion
TransWorldNews - October 23, 2009
Ocean Isle Beach, NORTH CAROLINA — Astronomy.FM and Global-Rent-A-Scope have partnered for a special three-day Galilean Nights promotion offering free telescopic imaging time to internet users around the world.

International Community To Celebrate ‘Galilean Nights’
redOrbit - October 22, 2009
GLOBAL — Amateur astronomers, enthusiasts and the general public will be taking part in a three-day sky watching party this week in order to celebrate the achievements of Galileo.

Media Newswire - October 22, 2009
El Paso, TEXAS — In celebration of 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy, The University of Texas at El Paso presents “The Galileo Scandal,” a talk by astronomer Mary Kay Hemenway, a recognized Galileo scholar from The University of Texas at Austin.

See the stars on campus
Washington University Record - October 22, 2009
St. Louis, MISSOURI — Participate in the International Year of Astronomy by making a visit to the observatory on top of Crow Hall.

The Times of India - October 21, 2009
Vadodara, INDIA — Avid moon gazers and budding astronomers will get to enjoy a celestial treat in the three-day Galilian Nights to be celebrated by Gujarat Nature Conservation Society (GNCS) along with Amateur Astronomer Associations of Baroda and Bal Bhavan.

Semester's last chance to look through telescope
Missouri S&T News - October 21, 2009
Rolla, MISSOURI — Everyone is invited to this semester's final opportunity to view the moon and Jupiter through Missouri S&T's 16-inch telescope. Weather permitting, the Observatory will open its doors at 7 p.m. this Friday, Oct. 23.

Name that planet: Uranus, Neptune to get Hebrew names
The Jerusalem Post - October 21, 2009
Jerusalem, ISRAEL — The planets Uranus and Neptune have been waiting billions of years for official Hebrew names (or at least a few thousand years, since Hebrew began) and now - in honor of UNESCO's International Year of Astronomy - Israelis have an opportunity to vote for their preferences.

The Australian - October 21, 2009
Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA — The blast-off of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in January 2006 was the prelude to a row that continues today over the cosmic ranking of the probe's objective: Pluto. A resolution stripping Pluto of its planetary status carried by the International Astronomical Union later that year incensed some scientists.

2009, International Year of Astronomy, Lebanon follows its lucky star - October 20, 2009
Beirut, LEBANON — Billions of stars and only five pairs of eyes to examine them. With a reduced staff, the small community of Lebanese astrophysicists has decided to introduce us to this magic world on the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy.

'Sidewalk Astronomy' to Sweep the U.S. This Weekend - October 20, 2009
USA — People across America will have a chance to gaze up at Jupiter and its four largest moons this weekend the same way Galileo did almost 400 years ago.

Tehran Times - October 20, 2009
Tehran, IRAN — Coincident with the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009), the Third International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) kicked off officially in Tehran on Sunday afternoon.

Exchange Magazine - October 20, 2009
Waterloo ONT, CANADA — The University of Waterloo is inviting members of the public to help celebrate International Year of Astronomy 2009 with a star-gazing party on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Fly Me to the Moon
The Mark News - October 19, 2009
Halifax NS, CANADA — Telescopes are incredible. Just looking through the eyepiece can take you on a journey from your backyard to the depths of space. It’s a powerful experience – simultaneously informing us about mankind’s brilliance and insignificance – that I wish everyone on the planet could share.

Observatories hold monthlong Galileo celebration
The Philadelphia Inquirer - October 19, 2009
Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA — Four hundred years ago, Galileo Galilei fashioned a telescope from eyeglass lenses and a piece of lead pipe and used it to change humanity's perception of its place in the universe.

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