from sea to shining sea

The Power of Prose

From the river-raft philosophizing of a poor Mississippi Valley boy, to a  journey filled with words walking without masters, American voice writers have transformed opinions and challenged stereotypes in both obvious and subtle ways.

The American Voice

American Debuts

Harlem Renaissance & Beyond


African American Women

Voices of the South

Cuban-American Voices

Texas & the West

American Southwest

The Northeast

The Urban Landscape

Asian Americans

Native Americans

Arab American/ South Asian

Hawaiian Islands

Border Tongue

eudora welty

Suggested Reading/Additional Resources

  • American Literature Links From PBS TeacherSource
  • Arts & Entertainment From the Online NewsHour
  • The Portable American Realism Reader. Eds. James Nagel and Tom Quirk. Penguin Books: New York, NY. 1997.
  • The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Editions 1 & 2. W. W. Norton & Company: New York. (Published in two volumes, the newest edition of The Norton Anthology of American Literature presents the work of 212 writers -38 newly included. From trickster tales of the Native American tradition to bestsellers of early women writers to postmodernism, this edition conveys the diversity of American literature from its origins to the present. Volume 1 covers the period of 1620-1865.)

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