Best of Britain

Celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics with British Inspired Recipes

You don't have to go to London to be in the Olympic spirit with these British treats.


PBS NewsHour | U.K. Athletes Win More Gold

British spectators at the London Olympics have more reasons to wave their flags proudly as the U.K. enjoys its best Olympics performance since 1908. 

 As Olympics Begin, Opening Ceremonies Honor British History
PBS NewsHour | Opening Ceremonies Honor British History

The 2012 Summer Olympics have officially begun. And the open ceremonies paid tribute to Britain's rich history. Independent Television News' Paraic O'Brien reported the excitement and anticipation as the torch neared Olympic Stadium in London.

Hosting the Olympic Games: Is it Worth the Hassle?
PBS Newshour | Hosting the Olympic Games: Is it Worth the Hassle?

For Britain, money, reputation and national pride all hang upon the success of the 2012 London Olympics. But in the end, will it all be worth it? Ray Suarez speaks with Andrew Zimbalist of Smith College about whether the investments and preparations pay off for host countries of Olympic Games.
Planning for the 2012 Olympics, Britain's 'Largest Peacetime Operation'

With a little more than a week till the Olympic opening ceremonies, issues such as transportation, weather and security have arisen. Gwen Ifill talks with Stephen Wilson of the Associated Press and Kevin Wamsley of Western University about whether organizers are fully prepared for the start of the games.

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