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National Culture and History

Michael Wood's Story of England | Romans to Normans (55:26)

Join historian Michael Wood to recover the lost history of Kibworth’s first thousand years. 

Watch the full episode above.



Queen Victoria's Empire
Queen Victoria's Empire History

At the time of Queen Victoria's birth in 1819, England was an agrarian society. Within a few short decades, this small island nation would be transformed.


Windsor Castle
 Windsor Castle Timeline

Explore selected highlights from the history of Windsor Castle.


Secrets of the Manor House
Secrets of the Manor House | Beyond the Fiction 


Find out what really went on behind the stately walls of the British manor house.


Secrets of the Dead | Churchill's Deadly Decision


Explore the dark side of Britain's fight against the Nazis.


NOVA | Secrets of Stonehenge
NOVA | Secrets of Stonehenge (53:07)

New archeological finds shed light on this misunderstood monument of the ancient world. 


Differences between Americans And Brits
Masterpiece | Downton Abbey

Elizabeth McGovern on Americans vs. The British

Downton Abbey's Elizabeth McGovern on differences between Americans and British people. 

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