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Obama extends olive branch

President Obama reached across the aisle and pledged to work with Republicans after his narrow re-election, and said he recognized he and Congress were elected to focus on "your jobs, not ours." Reach NewsHour's recap of the presidential results.

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Congress: Largely unchanged

Democrats made modest gains in the House and some high-profile Senate seats - but Washington's dynamic is largely unchanged, with a Democratic president and Senate, and conservative Republicans firmly in control of the House.

Historic ballot wins for marijuana, same-sex marriage

Voters in different states approved historic ballot measures allowing marijuana use in Colorado, and same-sex marriage in several states. Read a roundup of crucial state votes.

Montana has become an unusual battleground in the new war of outside groups' campaign ads
Big Sky, Big Money

The Citizens United decision created a new world in which outside groups can fund political ads with little disclosure and no limits - and Montana has become a surprising battleground. FRONTLINE's "Big Sky, Big Money" looks at the fight.

Campaigns are using sophisticated digital tools to target potential voters
Targeting the electorate

Digital tools gives campaigns new tools for old practices like canvassing - even targeting those who don't watch TV and have dumped their landline phone. Watch Part 2 of "Targeting the Electorate," a collaboration among FRONTLINE, Marketplace, ProPublica and NewsHour.

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Many PBS stations are covering state and local elections
Local election coverage

Many PBS stations are providing extensive coverage of state and local elections. An interactive map provides a directory of the coverage.


California voters face an array of ballot initiatives this year
California proposition guide

As usual, California voters face a bewildering array of ballot initiatives - dueling proposals for tax increases, limits on campaign contributions, labeling of genetically modified foods - nearly a dozen in all. Check out KQED's proposition guide for a recap.

FRONTLINE's The Choice offers unparalleled insight into the presidential candidates
The Choice: 2012

Who are President Obama and Mitt Romney? FRONTLINE's awarding-winning team spent more than a year crafting in-depth biographies of the two candidates. Watch them now, or examine original documents and full-length interviews that were used in the profiles.

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Race 2012 is a provocative look at the changing demographics of America and the effect on politics
Race 2012: The politics of demographic change

The Census shows the American electorate has changed dramatically over the past quarter-center - from 80% white to more than one-third from other backgrounds today. What impact does that change have on the election? Race 2012, airing this week, is a provocative conversation that explores racial demographics and the election.

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Public media election resources

NewsHour's Map Center

NewsHour's political calendar

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Public media coverage of prior elections:

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Election 2000


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