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In Depth: The Democratic Convention

PBS' signature broadcasts covered the 2012 Democratic Convention in depth far beyond any other broadcast network. Here's the best of the coverage. (View coverage of the GOP convention here.)

President Obama accepted the Democratic nomination on Thursday

Obama: We're still the better choice

President Obama's acceptance speech conceded that turning around the economy is taking longer than anyone hopes - but he argued that his presidency and Democratic policies are still better for the middle class than Mitt Romney and the Republicans. Watch his entire speech.

Were undecided voters swayed?

NewsHour's focus group of six undecided Virginia voters watched and reacted to President Obama's speech - and came away largely underwhelmed, and still mostly undecided. Watch their discussion.

Shields & Brooks: OK, but ...

NewsHour analysts David Brooks and Mark Shields judged President Obama's speech a partial success - it shifted the campaign focus from the last four years to the next four - but it shines only in comparison to the "content-free" RNC. Watch their assessments - and those of two presidential historians.


- DNC included more than a little "constituency coddling"

- Two thumbs up for Clinton

Clinton delivers

Former President Clinton's speech on Wednesday was, for many the highlight of the convention - a stemwinder tweaked Republicans, called for compromise - and lauded President Obama's accomplishments under difficult circumstances. Watch it in its entirerty.

What one illegal immigrant saw

The Democratic Convention included frequent mentions of the immigration reform. NewsHour explores the issue through the eyes of one immigrant here illegally.

The speeches

Just as the Republicans did, the Democrats used the convention to show off rising stars and old hands. Among them:

- VP Joe Biden

- Sen. John Kerry

- Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren

- First Lady Michelle Obama

View more speeches and interviews on NewsHour's YouTube channel.

The interviews

On the floor at in the anchor's skybox, NewsHour correspondents spoke to dozens of political leaders and delegates. Some highlights:

- Caroline Kennedy

- U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin

- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

- Delegate Marlon Hall

Town Hall: North Carolina

The Democrats chose Charlotte as the convention site because North Carolina is among the handful of battleground states that could decide the race. Before the convention, Washington Week convened a Town Hall to hear Carolinians' concerns about the country and the campaign.

Faces in the crowd

Conventions offer the visual sweep of the main stage - but plenty of other striking images. View some of the visual highlights in this photo gallery, or via NewsHour's Flickr page.

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