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In Depth: The GOP Convention

PBS' signature broadcasts covered the 2012 GOP Convention in depth far beyond any other broadcast network. Here's the best of the coverage. (View coverage of the Democratic convention here.)

Republican nominee Mitt Romney formally accepted the party's nod on Thursday

Romney: Obama has failed

The core of Mitt Romney's acceptance speech? It's OK to feel disappointment in President Obama. "You know there's something wrong ... when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him." Watch the entire speech and read NewsHour's recap of the GOP convention.

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The Romney style

ow would a President Romney govern? NewsHour spoke with two former colleagues - Staples founder Tom Stemberg and former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt - for some insights.

Romney as governor

Mitt Romney was an anomaly as governor - a Republican leader in an overwhelmingly Democratic state, a businessman in a statehouse dominated by old-crony politics. Gwen Ifill examines his record and legacy from Massachusetts.

Did Romney sway undecideds?

Mitt Romney's acceptance speech was designed in large part to convince undecided voters to support him. Did it work? NewsHour invited six undecided voters in battleground Virginia to watch the speech, then offer their reactions. The unscientific verdict: they're still undecided. Watch for their reasoning.

Shields and Brooks

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan scored some points at the Republican convention by painting President Obama as "sailing on spent winds" - but analysts Mark Shields and David Brooks note that polls show few undecided voters switched to Romney in the wake of the convention. Watch their assessment of the GOP convention - and what they think Democrats will do in Charlotte.


- Chris Christie's message of sacrifice

- Can humor transcend politics?

The Eastwood "mystery"

One mystery was solved Thursday night - the "mystery" guest speaker was actor Clint Eastwood. But his rambling 11-minute appearance raised another question: Did he accomplish what the GOP wanted? Watch and read his entire speech and decide for yourself.

The Mitt friends know

Much of Thursday's convention capper was designed to show the personal side of Mitt Romney. Of those speeches, among the most evocative was from family friend Pam Finlayson, whose late daughter was befriended by Romney. Watch her speech.

The speeches

Like any convention, Tampa gave the Republicans a chance to showcase its stars. Watch the full speeches from:

- VP candidate Paul Ryan

- Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida

- Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey

- Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice


The interviews

Dozens of political leaders stopped by the NewsHour skybox or chatted with correspondents during the convention. Some of the highlights:

- Contrasting views from Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell and Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin

- Ohio Gov. John Kasich

- Former Sen. Rick Santorum

- House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

- American Conservative Union president Al Cardenas

Town Hall: What concerns Florida voters?

Florida is more than just home to the GOP convention - it's a battleground state whose 29 electoral votes could swing the election. On the eve of the Republican convention, a Washington Week Town Hall asked Florida voters what's on their minds.

Are Americans buying the GOP's economic plans?

One of the strongest GOP themes at the convention: Mitt Romney is better equipped to heal the economy than President Obama. NewsHour explores that assertion with two Romney economic advisers - and Pew Center pollster Andy Kohut.

The economics of Republican tax plans

Beyond the sound bite of "more tax cuts," what do Republican economic proposals really call for? NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman talks to business owners and economists to get at the details..

Faces - and hats - in the crowd

Among the 2,300 delegates in Tampa are more than a few with memorable faces - and hats. Look through a photo gallery of some of them from PBS NewsHour.

EARLIER: A behind-the-scenes look at the transformation from an arena to a convention hall-cum-television studio for the GOP convention.

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