Clara Como El Agua

Clara Como El Agua

Clara como el Agua is a ten-minute short fiction film about the tales and half-truths that surround the origins of Clara, a light-skinned black girl with kinky, blond hair and gray eyes, who is incessantly teased by her dark-skinned peers; until she ventures into the magical waters of the bioluminescent bay to change her skin color and possibly herself.
About the Filmmaker

Fernanda Rossi is a writer, filmmaker and story consultant. She wrote eight feature-length screenplays, most recently an adaption of the novel Elena Sabe by the Argentine best-seller author Claudia Piñeiro. Other scripts, such as Picture Me! was invited at the 2005 Latin American Sundance Screenwriters Laboratory. Among the dozens of shorts she wrote, Barehead, to be directed by Elizabeth Kenton, was a semi-finalist at the AFI Women Fellowship Program. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of Fernanda Rossi's interview with LPB.  Visit the Clara Como El Agua page on LPB's website.

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