Once Upon a Rooftop

Once Upon a Rooftop

This documentary about the world of Hong Kong rooftop dwellers invites audiences into the lives of fan dancers, immigrants and young students with dreams of becoming doctors and guitar players. Their lives are tenuous, especially with eviction imminent, but filled with an enduring hope for a brighter future as they try their best to lay down roots atop a city's concrete tenements.
About the Filmmaker

Sybil Wendler has worked in various capacities in film and curatorial endeavors for the past decade. Her award-winning short documentary Once Upon a Rooftop is the first film that takes an in-depth look at the hidden rooftop population that subsists in the housing black market in Hong Kong. She is currently producing a dramatic short film that hopes to be completed by the end of 2011. Born in Hong Kong but raised in the United States, Sybil lives and works in Southern California and is a 2011 recipient of the CAAM Loni Ding Award in Social Issue Documentary.

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