Create Your Musical Road Trip with GENEALOGY ROADSHOW

Every great story needs a soundtrack. What's yours?

GENEALOGY ROADSHOW is hitting the road for a second season, and just like in Season 1, we feel that no cross-country trip is complete without some music to go with it. Discover these playlists, inspired by the cities the show visits, on Spotify.

Are there any classics missing? Do you have the ultimate list that we need to hear? Check these lists out and make your own! Include your family's favorite songs, your best road trip tunes and songs that make you think of home.

Share it with us on Twitter using the hashtag #GenealogyPBS and join us as we discover the fascinating family secrets that help shape our nation.

Season 2: St. Louis, MO Playlist

Season 1: Nashville, TN Playlist

Season 1: Detroit, MI Playlist

Season 1: San Francisco, CA Playlist


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