A Recipe for Sponsorship Success

Align your brand with one of the most successful food brands on TV.  Now in its 18th season, AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN delivers more TV viewers than food-oriented cable networks.


  • A real, 2,500-square-foot test kitchen located just outside of Boston
  • More than 60 test cooks, food scientists, cookware specialists and editors
  • Average investment of $10,000 on groceries alone to develop each recipe


Test and retest recipes—40, 50, and sometimes up to 100 times—until you find the recipe that will work every time. Begin by publishing a magazine and grow to include two top-rated television shows, a radio show, radio podcasts, two magazines, a library of cookbooks, an online cooking school, and websites featuring full TV episodes, recipes, unbiased equipment reviews, and more.

Yield: The Most-Watched Instructional Cooking Program on TV

In a typical month over 10 million unique viewers (many of them PBS Foodies) tune in to AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN and its companion TV show, COOK’S COUNTRY from AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN. Our multi-media brand extensions generate over 60 million customer touch-points. AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN is the most-watched instructional cooking program on television, and PBS viewers are avid consumers of the Food & Travel genre programs available on their local PBS stations.