#1 – PBS is #1… in PUBLIC TRUST that is.

Now more than ever associating your brand with trusted organizations is important, so align with PBS! In 2016, PBS and its member stations were voted America’s most trusted institution for the 14th consecutive year.

#2 – The trust and positive attributes our viewers value about PBS transfers to our sponsors by association.

PBS sponsors benefit from high expectations when compared to other networks – learn more here.

PBS provides a halo for your brand… viewers say that corporate brands associated with PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence!

#3 – Your message stands out on PBS’s uncluttered media environment.

On PBS, your message stands out, is viewed more favorably, builds your brand, and drives action and purchase preference! Check out more here!

#4 – PBS delivers a quality audience.

The PBS Audience may surprise you! Check out more about our A25-54 audience here or contact us using the link below for more information on your preferred demos and qualitative priorities. Have access to national Nielsen data? Here’s information on how to find PBS.

#5 – PBS provides an opportunity to showcase your brand in a new way.

PBS’ non-commercial media environment is unique in delivering higher recall and brand lift, and in creating a purchase preference for your company as a result. And PBS is excited to work with you to use your existing creative, or develop new creative that will not only match your marketing goals, but will have maximum impact with PBS’s high quality discerning viewers. Find out more here.