Reach the highest quality PBS Arts & Culture viewers on this long-running performance series!

Since 1972, Americans and citizens of the world have turned to GREAT PERFORMANCES for a diverse programming portfolio of classical music, opera, popular song, musical theater, dance, drama and performance documentaries.

From new productions of timeless classics to innovative performances by emerging artists, GREAT PERFORMANCES is proud to carry on its legacy of bringing the best of the performing arts to an American public television audience.


GREAT PERFORMANCES – and PBS Arts & Culture programming more broadly – delivers viewers that are wealthy, well educated, take care of themselves and the world around them, are well traveled, and are committed to PBS and to arts and cultural institutions.

A GREAT PERFORMANCES sponsorship, or a PBS Arts & Culture program package is a great way to tap into this key audience segment.

The Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsorship of GREAT PERFORMANCES provides access to a diverse audience seeking to immerse themselves in a variety of world renowned cultural experiences. With your sponsorship, you can reach these engaged viewers on-air and online:

A sponsorship on GREAT PERFORMANCES may include 15- or 30-second sponsor spots at the open and close of each program episode and 25% share of voice of pre-roll (up to 30-second message) on the digital streaming of all episodes including browser, mobile and OTT platforms. Other digital opportunities may be available.