PBS Viewers are passionate about the Great Outdoors – they explore the natural world through their activities and travel, their behaviors and attitudes and even by watching PBS… including PBS’s Science & Nature programming!

PBS Viewers participate in Outdoor Activities

PBS Viewers are incredibly active participants in outdoor activities. In the past year, the top outdoor activities for viewers include:

  • Walking for exercise (31.9% of viewers)
  • Swimming (16.9% of viewers)
  • Hiking (13.8% of viewers)
  • Fresh water fishing (13.1% of viewers)
  • Road Bicycling (11.5% of viewers)
  • Golf (10.3% of viewers)
  • Jogging or running (10.2% of viewers)

They also over index the population in many other – and also more specialized – outdoor activities:

PBS Viewers choose Adventure when they travel

Our adventurous viewers take their love of the great outdoors into their vacation travel:

  • 11.5% of PBS Viewers have had overnight camping trips.
  • 54.5% agree that they frequently choose active vacations with lots to do.
  • 33.4% of all people who visit National Parks on their vacations are PBS Viewers (Index 115)


PBS Viewers are passionate about protecting our natural world

PBS Viewers make active choices with their lives and finances that reflects their care for the environment around them:

  • 8.4% of PBS Viewers contribute to environmental causes (Index 173).
  • 36.0% agree that they buy vehicles that reflect their commitment to support the environment.
  • 58.3% agree that they buy natural products because they are concerned about the environment.
  • 53.0% agree that they are willing to give up convenience for and 60.4% agree that they are willing to pay more for a product that is environmentally safe.

PBS Viewers have purchasing power!

PBS Viewers have the purchasing power to support companies that reflect their passion for active outdoor and adventure lifestyles and commitment to the environment:

  • 56% of PBS Viewers agree that a company’s environmental record is important to them in their purchasing decisions.
  • PBS Viewers are 33% more likely to spend $150 or more in hiking/backpacking clothing.
  • They are 40% more likely to have spent $75 or more on hiking/backpacking boots.
  • They are 43% more likely to spend $75 or more on boat/deck shoes.
Source: GfK MRI 2017 Doublebase, PBS Viewer = viewed any represented PBS program, weighted to population (000) – base = all.