NATIVE AMERICA is a four-part PBS series that challenges everything we thought we knew about the Americas before and since contact with Europe. It travels through 15,000-years to showcase massive cities, unique systems of science, art, and writing, and 100 million people connected by social networks and spiritual beliefs spanning two continents. The series reveals some of the most advanced cultures in human history and the Native American people who created it and whose legacy continues, unbroken, to this day.

The series explores this extraordinary world through an unprecedented combination of cutting edge science and traditional indigenous knowledge. It is NATIVE AMERICA as never seen before—featuring sacred rituals filmed for the first time, history changing scientific discoveries, and rarely heard voices from the living legacy of Native American culture.

About the Audience

PBS Science & Nature viewers are more likely to:

  • Have gone in backpacking in the past 12 months (Index 157).
  • Have visited museums in the past 12 months (Index 176).
  • Are more likely to have a Masters (Index 152) or Doctorate Degree (Index 189).
Source: GfK MRI 2017 Doublebase, PBS Science & Nature viewers = viewers of any represented PBS Science & Nature program weighted to population (000) – base = all.

In all, PBS Science & Nature audiences are keen adventurers. Click here to learn more about how PBS delivers lovers of the Great Outdoors!

The Opportunity

Sponsorship of NATIVE AMERICA provides the opportunity to reach PBS’s high quality, curious and engaged viewers.

Your message can reach them at the front and back of each episode of the program on-air as well as reaching them digitally via streaming on and via OTT devices.

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