PBS KIDS is unique in offering an uncluttered,  24/7 multi-media environment through which your company can reach and influence the moms and other adults engaging with PBS KIDS content alongside their children. Anytime, anywhere they are.

PBS KIDS has broad reach


Reach Kids, Parents and Diverse Families

  • 64% of kids ages 2-8 – 18 million children – watched PBS KIDS during the 2016-17 season
  • PBS stations reach more moms with young children, and more Hispanic moms with young children, than any other kids TV network.
  • PBS stations reach more children 2-8 in low-income homes, and more moms of young children in low-income homes, than any other kids TV network.

(Source: Nielsen NPOWER, 9/19/2016-9/24/2017)

Build Brand Trust

PBS KIDS is the #1 educational media brand

As the #1 Educational Media Brand, our brand trust is hard to beat.  88% of parents agree that PBS is a trusted and safe place for children to watch television. And this trust transfers to our sponsors. 80% of moms agree that companies that support PBS KIDS programs and services are trustworthy and exceptional. 

(Sources:  ORC Parent Caravan,  Survey Sampling Int’l)

Increase Recall

PBS KIDS sponsors enjoy high recall. More than half of parents say they pay attention to the sponsor messages on PBS KIDS. (Source: ORC Parent Caravan)

Drive Purchase Preference

All things being equal, 78% of parents and 82% of moms would choose to purchase a product or service that supports PBS KIDS programs and services, more than any other children’s network. And close to 20% of moms cite sponsorship of PBS KIDS programs as the reason they have bought a company’s products or services in the past, compared to seeing advertisements on Disney (13%), Nick Jr. (10%) and Nickelodeon (7%). (Source: ORC Parent Caravan)

Align With Core Curriculum Areas

With programs like NATURE CAT and CYBERCHASE PBS KIDS content is grounded in education, offering unique opportunities to align your brand with the core curriculum areas –STEM, literacy, social & emotional development —  that lead the nation’s education agenda.

On the Platforms Families Use Most

  • TV Broadcast
  • 24/7 Digital Channel
  • 24/7 Live Stream
  • Web and mobile properties
  • Events