PBS Viewers love to travel… and they have the time and wealth to travel the world pursuing their passions.

PBS Viewers have more disposable income than the average population (they are 49% more likely to have a household net worth of $1M or more than the base population) and more time available to spend it.

41.5% of PBS Viewers are Baby Boomers, the most likely generation to travel for pleasure, and PBS Viewers are 81% more likely to be retired.


PBS Viewers are adventurous travelers with the desire to explore the world!

  • More than 70% of PBS Viewers agree that they like to learn about foreign cultures
  • 72% of PBS Viewers agree that they prefer to travel to places they’ve never been

PBS Viewers enjoy a variety of activities when they travel:

PBS Viewers like to research their travel hobby – by what they read, and by what they view

PBS offers its viewers a wide variety of programs from a variety of genres, but even with all of the options, PBS Viewers are avid consumers of the Food & Travel genre programs available on their local PBS stations.

  • 11% of all PBS Viewers watch travel programs on their PBS stations

PBS Viewers also are more likely to read specialized publications in these hobby areas!

Source for all data: GfK MRI 2016 Doublebase, weighted to population A18+ (000)