A four-part special series coming to PBS stations nationwide.

WOMEN WAR AND PEACE II will highlight how crucial it is that women’s rights be reframed as fundamental to both human rights and global security.  Extraordinary new triumphs will be illuminated. The series will tell stories of women who relentlessly stand up to ever-shifting backlash in order to have a voice in politics and a seat at the table – stories that may be lost to history otherwise.

The four-part series will spotlight women who are asserting and defending their human rights from Tahrir Square to Mumbai, Belfast to Bangladesh, the shantytowns of Port au Prince to the fraternities of American college campuses. The series will place women at the center of an urgent dialogue about freedom, security and essential human values, and demonstrate that achieving and maintaining peace goes hand in hand with equality between men and women.

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The Sponsorship Opportunity

PBS offers an opportunity to share your message in a non-commercial, uncluttered environment so your brand can really stand out! Share in this important moment by sponsoring this timely four-part series.

Your sponsorship could include 15- or 30-second sponsorship messages at the open and close of each part of the series as well as a share of voice on the program page and episode streams on PBS.org as well as OTT and mobile devices.