Monthly Archives: January 2009

A Suite Deal: The Players of COVE (Part 2 of 5 in a series)

When I became a teenager of legal driving age in Florida, I received my first car, a beast of a vehicle handed down to me from my uncle. That lady-killing chariot was none other than a gray 1988 Mercury... Read More »

Getting to Know - Shawnte McQueen

We thought it would be fun to spend some time indroducing those of us working behind the scenes at PBS Interactive.  In the first of a series that we hope will expand to include PBS and station staff alike, here's... Read More »

The Power of COVE (Part 1 of 5 in a series)

As I began thinking a week ago about how I would start this entry, the title of the unparalleled 1985 Huey Lewis & the News hit "The Power of Love" kept popping into my head. The obvious similarities to... Read More »

DTV Modules - CSS Tips

Now that the new DTV Schedules have launched, we thought it would help those stations getting set up to share some of the most frequently asked questions we're receiving here.  To start, here are two tips for those of you... Read More »

What is COVE?

The term "COVE" has been heard pretty widely throughout the system lately. It's a term used quite readily to describe the new "player" being developed by PBS to feature local and national content. While this is accurate, the term COVE... Read More »

Welcome to the SP&S Blog

Happy New Year, and welcome to v.1 of the new Station Products and Services Blog!  This space is designed to be one small step towards creating a more collaborative environment between PBS station Web professionals and PBS Interactive staff.  To... Read More »