DTV Tip - When Your Channel Lineup is Wrong

We've been hearing from many stations with questions about the channels being listed for their station, and thought it would be helpful to provide a bit more information on how we receive and display that channel information as well as how we can resolve the most common problems.

Generally speaking, getting the right channel information to display is a combination of ensuring that TV Guide has the right information in their systems and PBS has all the right channels associated correctly within our systems.  As a rule of thumb, if anything ever changes with your lineup, make sure someone at your station alerts TV Guide and PBSi Station Products & Services as soon as possible.

Now on the some more specific questions:

  1. We've ceased our analog broadcast.  Why is my analog channel still displaying?

    Many stations ceased their analog broadcast on February 17th.  However, TV Guide still has data in its system for many defunct analog channels.  The fix for this is easy.  Just let us know that your analog channel is no more and we'll remove it from our system. 

    Once we make the change, it may take an hour or two to propagate to the modules. 

  2. The name displaying for one of my channels is wrong.

    It's easy to update the names being displayed for any of your digital channels, just use the digital channel common names form in Station Remote Control.  This form provides a list of all the channels we have in our system and allows you to change the label for each channel in your grid:


    Channel name information is cached in our system, so it may take several hours for a name change to propagate to the live module.

  3. There are too many channels listed in my grid.  Most of those channels are really just repeaters of another channel.  How do I make them go away?

    In order for the new provider finder to work, we need to have all the sources of your signal in our system, but you may not want all those repeaters to display in the default over-the-air grid before your users have selected their provider. 

    The way to get around repeating channels cluttering up your grid is to make sure each channel that broadcasts the exact same content is given the exact same "common name" in the digital channel common names form in Station Remote Control. 

    For example, Maryland Public Television may have severla transmitters around the state, but they may only want their primary channel to display in the grid once.  Maryland would simply name every repeating feed "MPT":
      [3.12.09 - See update at end of post]


    If you do suppress channels this way, bear in mind that right now the grid will default to display the lowest channel number available at the default view.  Our tech team is currently working on a mechanism that will allow you to designate which channel number should be displayed at the default view, but that feature is not available yet.

    Since the modules launched, we have discovered one outstanding bug where some stations have repeating channels being supressed even when they don't want them to be.  We think we have a pretty good idea of what's causing the issue and have it on the top of the list of bugs to adress as soon as possible.  I'll post an update here once that bug has been fixed.

    [Update on 3.12.09 - this bug has been corrected and the process for supressing channels has changed.  See the Channel Lineup Update for more information]


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