DTV- Channel Lineup Update

Good News!  We've found a solution to the channel suppression bug that has been affecting some stations. 

 As mentioned in the recent Channel Lineup post, when a station has multiple channels that air the same content, it has been possible to suppress the repeating channels from appearing in the default over-the-air view, but the channel that displayed would always be the channel with the lowest over-the-air channel number.  This was a problem for stations that had repeaters on low channel numbers but wanted the default view of the module to show their primary feed on a higher channel number.

With the code drop that went live last night, we now have the ability to select which of your over-the-air channels display in the default view of the module regardless of their over-the air channel numbers.  If the wrong channels are displaying in the default view of the module, just shoot us an email at and we can help get it sorted.  After we make an update in our system it will take about an hour for the changes to propagate to the live modules.

Also note - You no longer need to go into Station Remote Control and assign all your repeating channels the exact same name to suppress them.  Again, just send us a note saying which of your channels should be displaying by default, and we'll suppress the rest from the default view. 

Suppressed channels will still appear if a user picks a provider that carries the particular feed, so you should still double-check the digital channel names form in Station Remote Control to ensure the correct name will display in the module for each of your channels.

We hope this update will make managing the module a bit easier for stations.  If you previously suppressed channels, there's nothing else you need to do now.  All those should have carried over to our new system. If you do see any of your channel lineups displaying feeds inaccurately, please be sure to report that to us so we can make the change.


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