Monthly Archives: March 2009

Getting to Know... Kristin Calhoun

In the third in our series to help you get to know the faces behind PBS Interactive, here is a "Getting to Know You" Q&A with Kristin Calhoun, Director of Station Products & Services:1. What do you do at PBS... Read More »

Using Twitter to Connect with Local Audiences

Lauren Saks from PBS Engage offers up some advice to stations looking to get started on Twitter: If I've learned one thing from working in social media, it has been how to write clever or informational things in a very... Read More »

DTV Modules - Version 1.1

We now have some preliminary designs to illustrate what we think a version 1.1 update will look like.  The upgrades currently on the table are:1. Make the full day view easier to find2. Provide an easy to find full week... Read More »

DTV Modules - User Testing

The PBSi DTV team is deep in the throes of planning for user testing of the new modules later this month.  We're close to completing a strategy for the testing that we believe will put us in a strong position... Read More »

DTV- Channel Lineup Update

Good News!  We've found a solution to the channel suppression bug that has been affecting some stations.   As mentioned in the recent Channel Lineup post, when a station has multiple channels that air the same content, it has been possible... Read More »

Stations Engage Communities through Interactive Media

In the latest posting from PBS Engage, Lauren Saks muses on the social media efforts of some local stations:  PBS is gearing up for South by Southwest, so I have been extra keen on all things Texas lately.  KLRU combines... Read More »

DTV- Where's my Full Week View?

In the five years I've worked in station services at PBS, I don't know how many times someone at PBS asks me some variation of "what do stations really need?"  Now, I've never presumed to have an all-seeing eye that... Read More »