Getting to Know... Meaghan Zimmerman

MZ.jpgIn the fourth in our series to help you get to know the faces behind PBS Interactive, here is a "Getting to Know You" Q&A with Meaghan Zimmerman, Assistant Director of Station Products & Services:

1. What do you do at PBS Interactive?

I support stations and their online needs, as well as speak on their behalf when it comes to projects going on at PBS (national).  Specifically, I am responsible for the Parents, KIDS, and Teachers portion of the PBSi SP&S team.  I also love using acronyms. 

2. How did you get involved with Public Media? 

I started at PBS 5 ½ years ago simply trying to get my foot in the door at a media company of some kind (was a college intern at a satellite broadcasting association).  Not knowing how hard it was to get in to PBS at the time, I now appreciate taking the temp job as the executive coordinator for the CFO.   From there, I would search the jobs page every Wednesday and a position opened up in the Ready To Learn department, which I applied for and got.  My goal was to learn as much as possible about PBS KIDS and the producers and eventually reached my goal of being on the Interactive team.  I've always wanted to learn web design and in the past 3 years I've been in interactive, I can say the things I have learned are beyond expectations!

3. How will the interactive landscape change over the next few years?

I believe the next step is really tackling the mobile world.  I also believe televisions in general will become less popular and everyone will be interacting on their computers for everything.  I'm sure some kid in their teens will have my job...

4. If the Internet didn't exist, what job would you have? 

I would be a physical trainer, nutritionist, physical educator, anything along those lines.

5. What is your favorite gadget and why? 

If we're talking one I own, it's simply my phone.  When I think of answering this question I immediately thought ipod, but I could live without that on a day to day basis compared to my cell phone.  Not b/c I talk on it much, but in case of emergency, flat tire on the side of the road, locked out of my house, etc, it has been such a blessing!  Now with internet access, fun games, gps, full keyboard, you got it all.  If we're talking gadget in general, I would have to say macbook air, fully loaded, paid for by someone other than me, that comes with a free trip to the CES, NAB, and SXSW conferences, if you really want to know.

6. If you could have dinner with any three people from history, who would they be and why? 

History...not present?  First I would say my Pupa Pearsall!  He passed when I was 3 or 4 and I only remember him from pictures.  Apparently we had a ridiculous bond and I would rather him when sad than anyone, including my parents.  Any stories I've ever heard about him are just amazing and I wish I could speak to him today.  Would also love to sit down with Princess Diana, an extraordinary woman who wanted only the simple things in life.  Susan B. Anthony, simply to buy the most expensive bottle of champagne on earth, on me, and toast to how far we've come!!! 


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