Monthly Archives: April 2009

Science Central from KNME

This week,  in our continuing series to highlight local station projects, we hear from Chad Davis of KNME on their science education site, Science Central and related Science Cafes.1. Please describe the Science Cafés and Science Central for our... Read More » - 1 Implementation Down, 170+ to go

Yesterday afternoon a colleague stopped me in the hallway to express her congratulations on the launch of the new video portal on  It has been a long road to get that experience out the door, and it has been... Read More » from WTIU

In the second entry in our series to highlight local station projects, we hear from Phil Meyer of WTIU on their new site, Please describe Newsmatters for our is where WTIU (PBS) and WFIU (NPR) compile local,... Read More »

Getting to Know... Meaghan Zimmerman

In the fourth in our series to help you get to know the faces behind PBS Interactive, here is a "Getting to Know You" Q&A with Meaghan Zimmerman, Assistant Director of Station Products & Services:1. What do you do at... Read More »


Application Deadline: Friday, April 10, 2009Instructions and Application Materials located HERE.This year, PBS Interactive has announced a new award to recognize stations that have demonstrated excellence and innovative web development efforts. The Innovation of the Year award is an opportunity... Read More »