Monthly Archives: May 2009

WHYY launches Station Video Portal powered by COVE

This week marked the launch of the second Station Video Portal from the COVE pilot program, WHYY (  As more of the pilot station video portals begin to launch across the web, we asked WHYY's Rich Baniewicz to shed light... Read More »

PBS Engage - Who Can You Reach on Facebook?

Lauren Saks from PBS Engage offers some insights about the reach of Facebook:Are you nervous about setting up a page for your station?  Think it won't be worth the time and effort?  Think again.The PBS Facebook fan page boasts over... Read More »

KLRN Kids Club

Today,  in our mission to highlight local station projects, we hear from Ellen Evans of KLRN, San Antonio on their new home for KLRN's KIDS Club. 1. Please describe the KLRN Kids Club for our readers (  Our new KLRN Kids... Read More »

KTEH Wins the First PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award

This afternoon at the PBS Showcase conference, Jason Seiken announced that KTEH has won the first annual PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award for their project, KTEH Cooks with Garlic.In an effort that combined user generated content, online video... Read More »

Innovations Lab: Built by Stations, for Stations

One of the most important, and sometimes painful, lessons I picked up during my years at a station is that a website is heavily influenced by two factors: budget and resources.  Budget was almost always non-existent. And resources, well, we've... Read More »