KTEH Wins the First PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award


This afternoon at the PBS Showcase conference, Jason Seiken announced that KTEH has won the first annual PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award for their project, KTEH Cooks with Garlic.

In an effort that combined user generated content, online video and pledge,  KTEH asked local chefs to submit a letter describing why they would make a great television chef, and an original recipe containing garlic as an ingredient.

Chefs with the best responses were invited to submit a video of themselves preparing the recipe through YouTube.  Out of the fifty people invited, forty videos were submitted, representing a cross-section of the Bay Area: young and old, individuals, families, both genders, a variety of ethnicities, folks in costume, a puppet as well as a few professional chefs.

KTEH then posted the video to kteh.org/garlic and invited site visitors to vote on their favorites using a free service called polldaddy.com.  Over the 2 weeks of voting a total of over 17,000 votes were cast for videos in four categories: "Best Chef," "Tastiest Dish," "Most Original Video" and "Best Overall Video." KTEH television and web staff then selected the finalists who prepared their original recipes on live television on KTEH Cooks with Garlic, which aired during the December pledge drive.

In addition to the live special, KTEH also created a special community cookbook, KTEH Cooks with Garlic Cookbook that is now being used as a pledge premium.

More on the Award

The PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award recognizes station teams who have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in the design, OawvInRaf4 and implementation of one or more innovative projects or processes in 2008.
Judging was conducted by a cross-disciplinary committee of public broadcasting professionals with representation from PBS staff and various station advisory committees, all of whom were impressed by the creativity displayed by KTEH staff.  Here's a sampling of their feedback:

"This is an exciting way to put more public in public television and includes a very effective use of off-the-shelf applications that can be integrated into the station's site. It's a great way to encourage new viewers, as well. Great use of user-generated content while still maintaining quality control."

"I adore this idea! It's so simple, yet so creative! It mixes the best of what PBS does: tv shows (specifically a cooking show, a genre we started!) with some of the best concepts of Web 2.0 tools: user-submitted content and user voting. Having people submit videos through Youtube is just a great idea, but the idea of ending everything with a pledge show with a cookbook is just the best mix. Even the smallest station could do something like this, and a big station could scale up the event as big as they want."

"What an innovative concept! This is the first time I've seen the web being used as a source of content for TV pledge. The number of votes the project received is impressive."

Congratulations to the whole team who made KTEH Cooks with Garlic possible:

  • Colleen Wilson, Executive Producer, Interactive
  • Becca King Reed, Executive Director
  • Bud Gundy, Television Producer
  • Molly Gee, Television Director

KTEH will receive a software package worth $5,000, generously donated by Adobe Systems Incorporated. 

While voting is now closed, many of the videos may still be viewed on the KTEH Cooks with Garlic site.

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