QotD: When Can I Get my Hands on COVE?

Today's Question of the Day is by far our most frequently asked question this week:

Q: When will you be releasing COVE to non-pilot stations?  I've got content queued up and ready to go, and can't wait to get my hands on it!

A: Right now we're working on continuing to launch the COVE pilot stations through July, quickly gathering some lessons learned, then opening up the COVE powered opportunities to the system by early fall.

Later this summer we'll be sending a call out to all the usual places (our email list, SRC, PBS Connect, etc) asking all stations interested in getting their hands on COVE to fill out a survey outlining some basic information about current local resources and what you're hoping to do with video online.  Based on your answers, we'll work to route you to the best COVE powered product to meet your needs.

The products we're talking about will come in three basic flavors:

1. Integrated Local Content Video Portal - This will give you the ability to create a custom video portal programmed with a mixture of local and national content, similar to what WHYY has released.

2. Locally branded version of the national portal
- For stations not ready to feed local video into their video portal, there will be the option to fully brand a version of the portal containing national content.

3. Plug and Play player - The lowest level of effort to implement locally, this option will provide an embeddable player that is programmed at the national level with national content.  To implement, you would just need to insert the embed code on your site.

So, how can you prepare?

If you're interested in the full portal experience, your implementation path will go much faster if you already have a flash video streaming solution in place, and you've begun to prepare the local content you want to include in your video portal. 

For more information on video and metadata specs, look at the resources posted in Station Remote Control from the Preparing for COVE Webinar.

If you don't usually receive the weekly Station Products & Services email update, and want to receive future COVE announcements, send us an email at pbsi_stationservices@pbs.org and we'll add you to our list.

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