COVE QotD: What is the cost to the local stations?

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The full text of today's question is:

What is the cost to the local stations? Is PBS picking up the CDN fees to serve the local content?

There is no charge to stations for making use of COVE products; however, stations adding local content to COVE (COVE Pro) are responsible for any costs involved in hosting that content, and any bandwidth usage resulting from local videos being shared between stations is the responsibility of the local station originating that content. Bandwidth costs vary by usage and the provider. All national content is hosted and paid for by PBS.  COVE Pro and COVE Lite only contain national content, so there is no cost associated with using these products.

To help COVE Pro stations with streaming costs, PBS has secured special rates with Limelight for member stations, but there is no requirement that stations use Limelight. More information on the PBS/Limelight deal is available in Station Remote Control at or shoot us an email and we can send you the Limelight information packet.

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