COVE Products Rollout to Stations!

180px-Cokelightplus.jpgYesterday Station Products & Services distributed its COVE Product Survey.  (Found here.)  Much like a debutante and her cotillion, we decided to celebrate its release with a blog post.  For more information, please visit the COVE Resource Center.  Be sure to visit the SP&S blog frequently, as we'll be using it to answer FAQs about COVE and COVE products.  (If you are interested in participating in the initial rollout period, please return the survey to SP&S by Wednesday, August 19th.)

I think I was born too late.  I've missed out on a lot.  Like New Coke.  I have to settle for Classic Coke.  Similarly, Coca-Cola's 2005 raspberry release to New Zealand did nothing for me.  Soda products are (tragically) limited by a short shelf life.

Enter: PBS Station Products & Services COVE product offerings.  Yet again proving its dominance over the beverage industry, PBS has released products that eschew boundaries of place and time.  The COVE products - COVE Pro, Plus, and Lite - allow stations to post on-demand national and local content.  And much like their beverage counterparts, each product entails a different level of investment.  (The calorie, remember, is a metric unit of energy.)

COVE Pro, the customizable local/national player, offers an immersive video experience featuring the depth and breadth of content available throughout the PBS system.  Like some sort of magnificent refrigerator where New Coke rests amicably next to Coca-Cola Raspberry and Classic Coke (and even some magical home-brew cola), COVE Pro offers stations the ability to feature local content next to national content (Take that New Zealand!).  In addition to content, COVE Pro's customizable options include the ability to change the look and feel, branding, and homepage carousels.  An integrated content companion iframe player is also available with COVE Pro that can be customized to match your site's look and feel. COVE Pro will require the ability to stream Flash video in order to add local content.

COVE Plus is a similar product, but without the ability to add local content. Its customizable options include content choices, look and feel, branding, and homepage carousels.  It also features an embeddable and customizable iframe companion player (naitonal content only) to extend the COVE presence onto your site.  COVE Plus doesn't require the ability to stream Flash video. Think the half-calorie delight of Coca-Cola C2 (circa 2004). 

COVE Lite offers the ability to show video, but without any of those pesky calories.  The player embeds directly into the existing station site, and it features popular programs from the national PBS schedule.  Like a vending machine containing an exciting array of delicious soda-pop products (Dr. Pepper!), COVE Lite requires no station resources beyond initial setup.  Its content is maintained by PBS.

I may never experience a New Coke induced state of spiritual elation, but - thanks to PBS stations - I will able to access a delicious array of local and national content.

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