Monthly Archives: August 2009

COVE QotD: Do I Have to Have a Flash Streaming Server to Participate?

Stations will need to have access to stream Flash video in order to add local content to COVE (only COVE Pro). This may be through a major CDN such as Limelight or Akamai, servers owned by your station, or servers... Read More »

COVE QotD: What is the cost to the local stations?

Starting today, we'll be posting a COVE related question and answer daily.  If you have additional questions, add them to the comments or send them directly to us at  The full text of today's question is: What is the... Read More »

COVE Products Rollout to Stations!

Yesterday Station Products & Services distributed its COVE Product Survey.  (Found here.)  Much like a debutante and her cotillion, we decided to celebrate its release with a blog post.  For more information, please visit the COVE Resource Center.  Be sure... Read More »