Economy Collaboration Part 1 - Economic Video Widget

In the first of a two-part series, Dan Haggerty, Digital Video Associate Producer here a PBS, shares a preview of the Economic Video Widget coming soon as part of the Economy Collaboration Project:

Today marks the first anniversary of the day U.S. financial regulators told senior legislators that if they did not act immediately and provide $700 billion to unfreeze the nation's credit markets "the financial system of this country and the world will meltdown in a matter of days."

One year later the nation is still feeling the effects of that historic moment and even though the Fed chairman said yesterday the recession appears to be over there are still signs that this story is far from its conclusion.

In his speech to Wall Street on Monday President Obama laid out plans for what he says is "the most ambitious overhaul of the financial system since the Great Depression". The debate is also heating up in Congress with legislators saying they are determined to get regulatory reform passed by Christmas.

But it's not just about what's happening on the Potomac. It's also about Main Street and what Tavis Smiley likes to call "the side streets." Many financial analysts believe we are well on our way to 10% unemployment and any recovery in the labor market is going to be fairly slow.

This is a long way of saying that the public is going to need a lot more good information to understand where things are going and how they can weather these tough economic times.

Enter the CPB-funded Digital Collaboration on the Economic Crisis. This project was created to help local public media stations meet their community's economic information needs through online tools, content and resources. Twelve public media organization are working together to create and share content with local stations. Many of you may have already heard something about this project or even saw it featured in a video-conference the National Center For Media Engagement held in July.

As part of this project PBS Interactive is doing several things.

First we are aggregating the very best economic coverage our national producers are creating into a collection in the PBS Video portal and COVE. If you are a station integrating one of the COVE products on your website you will have access to this collection in your portal and can link directly to it.

That's just the start though. What we are really excited about is the development of a video player widget that packages up all of that free streaming video into an easy-to-use widget. Here are some preliminary mock-ups of what it will look like (subject to changes).

Econ1.jpg  Econ2.jpg  Econ3.jpg

This widget will come in three sizes and will be extremely easy to add wherever you and your users would like. The three sizes are:

•    Small - Width 302px x Height 452px
•    Medium - Width 402 x Height 527px
•    Large - Width 502 x Height 578px

As you can also see there is an opportunity for you to co-brand this widget with your station's logo, giving you a great chance to provide a free tool to your online users while also extending your brand. How cool is that!?

Now this isn't just any old video widget that has a playlist and when you click an item in that playlist it takes you to another website where the video actually plays. No. This widget plays free, streaming video right in the widget's window and provides added context to each piece of content through specially curated links.

So, at this point you are probably wondering when this will be ready. Well, we are deep in development right now and hope to have it ready for you in the next month or two. In the mean time, you can begin to a look at your site and think about where you'd like to feature this powerful tool.

I am also available to help you share any economy-related video you have with the rest of the Collaboration. Do you have a great piece of local content that has gotten a lot of attention and you think would appeal to a national audience? Let me know about it and I can work with you to see if we can find a way to share it with others.

I look forward to working with you.
Dan Haggerty

Coming in Part 2 - Great Economy Collaboration tools and the awesome ways you can use them. For a sneak peak, check out the Knowledge Network.

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