Monthly Archives: September 2009

Economy Collaboration Part 1 - Economic Video Widget

In the first of a two-part series, Dan Haggerty, Digital Video Associate Producer here a PBS, shares a preview of the Economic Video Widget coming soon as part of the Economy Collaboration Project:Today marks the first anniversary of the day... Read More »

UNC-TV's Health Care Reform: North Carolina's Watch on Washington

UNC-TV's Health Care Reform: North Carolina's Watch on Washington  is our latest station project in the spotlight.   This project is a success story of how a station incorporated timely, local and national content, while interactively engaging the viewer through calls... Read More »

DTV Schedules v1.5 Launch

We have completed work on the new version 1.5 DTV schedule modules, an update to the version 1.0 modules launched in February 2009, and the new tools are now available for stations in Station Remote Control here.The rapid OawvInRaf4 of... Read More »