Single Episode Player: Video-a-Go-Go

If you're anything like me, you frequently think to yourself, "You know, the COVE portal is pretty sweet, but sometimes I just need one of our episodes to put elsewhere on our site. I mean, I'm lovin' all the cool stuff, but I just need the video."

Well, if sounds like you, and you're a COVE Pro station, then today is your lucky day. With the latest feature release, we have launched the Single Episode Player (also known as the Partner Player). This player does exactly what its name implies; it allows you to grab code from the Admin Tool for any piece of local content you add and embed it directly anywhere on your web site.

partnerplayer2.jpgNow, you can use COVE to power the video sections of production sites, add a bit of flair to your station blog or even feature the latest episode of a program on your home page. The Single Episode Player has the following features:

  • Overlay Video Controls (plus full screen, volume and closed captioning)
  • Implementation Support for Three Sizes (small, medium and large)
  • Sharing (social media and email options)
  • Chapter Bar with Descriptions
  • Pre-roll + Companion Banner Support (not yet available)
  • Video Analytics Support

To get the code for any of your episodes, simply go to the Episode Details screen of an episode and click on the "Get Code" button (remember: the episode does have to be published).

More information on how to use the Single Episode Player can be found in the most updated version of the COVE Pro: Admin Tool User Guide located in COVE Resource Section of Station Remote Control.

We hope you like this new feature, and keep a look out for even more improvements in the future!

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    Excellent news. Can't wait to deploy this on

    Thanks guys!

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