PBS Interactive Innovation Awards

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PBS Interactive wants to recognize your innovative efforts in digital media.

Last year KTEH took home the PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year title with their project "KTEH Cooks with Garlic." The innovative success of this project was the multi-layered platforms and collaboration that was involved. It combined user generated content, online video, and pledge practices.

Here's how that project worked:

KTEH sent a call out to local chefs. The local chefs submitted a letter explaining why they would be the best along with an original recipe featuring garlic. The budding Gordon Ramsays of the Bay Area were asked to then submit a video of themselves preparing their recipe through YouTube. KTEH then posted the videos to kteh.org/garlic and invited site visitors to vote on their favorites using a free service called polldaddy.com.  The selected finalists were invited to the studio to prepare their original recipes live, on "KTEH Cooks with Garlic," which aired during their December pledge drive. Another layer of this clove was the community cookbook, a collection of the amassed recipes that were submitted for this competition. This cookbook,  KTEH Cooks with Garlic Cookbook is now being used as a pledge premium.
What will top "KTEH Cooks with Garlic" this year?  You tell us!

We know that stations have faced numerous challenges during this economic storm; however, it is times like this when the MacGyver fortitude in all of us steps forward. Many stations have been coming up with highly innovative, sustainable solutions to make all ends meet and stay true to the public broadcasting mission. The innovative digital media plan for a sustainable mobile strategy, Duct Tape on Cell Phone, has been very popular around here, but PBS can be more. It is time for PBS Interactive to recognize your efforts and share these successes.  

This year, PBS Interactive will be recognizing two categories in innovation: Innovation of the Year and new this year, Innovator of the Year. Instructions and application forms are available in Station Remote Control. The deadline to apply is TUESDAY April 20, 2010.

The Award...
The award package includes a scholarship for one representative from the PBS Interactive Innovation of the Year Award team and the recipient of the PBS Interactive Individual Innovation of the Year Award to attend the PBS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas this May. Winning Innovations will be showcased at the Annual Meeting. 

For any questions about the PBS Interactive Innovation/Innovator of the Year Award, please feel free submit them as a comment or contact Marla Krueger at mekrueger@pbs.org.

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